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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Has your transaction failed?

It should be noted that it is highly unlikely that the transaction will fail whilst you are in conversation with the Club’s WebShop. If it does, please make a note of any error message you are given and report it to Richard Hyde, 07495 354177 or , who will endeavour to resolve the issue immediately.

It is more likely that the transaction will fail when you are talking to our Card Acquirer, Worldpay.

Here are some of the common reasons why your transaction with Worldpay may have failed:

  The billing address that you have used for your order must be the same as the address you have used to register your credit or debitcard. If they are different, the bank will suspect a stolen card and the transaction will fail.

  The house number and postcode must match those registered for your card. Please ensure they are correct and there is a space between the 2 parts of your postcode. If they don’t match, this will result in an AVS failure (address verification system)

  If the second part of your postcode begins with a zero, you must enter a zero, and not a capital O.

There is also a small likelihood that there may be a failure caused by 3D Secure:

  This is an additional layer of security applied by the banks, designed to ensure you are not using a stolen card. It relies on you being able to answer additional security questions which you have already agreed with the bank. If you have forgotten the answers the bank may ask for additional personal information, or may fail the transaction. In order to proceed you may need to reset the answers with your bank or card provider.

Please note that if your card fails for any of the above reasons, then it is most likely to behave the same with any on-line transaction, meaning you can’t use it for any on-line purchase .


Compiled by Phil Homer, April 2016

Updated by Richard Hyde May 2017

Issue 2