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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1935/6 STANDARD 10

Offers  in excess of  £1000 .

The owners want to see this car restored and not broken for spares.

This vehicle has been with this owner for the last forty years. It was bought at an auction of vehicles from a collapsing vehicle museum in 1976. It has been in dry conditions for over forty years. The original engine block was cracked so another engine was found at an auto jumble and the block placed on top of the original lower part of the engine. The body has been off and the chassis cleaned and painted. The body has been repaired around the lower edges and placed back on the chassis. The internals of the body have been stripped out. The flooring has been replaced. The doors have been removed and have been put aside but no repairs carried out, they are complete. The bonnet has been removed but no repairs carried out. The radiator has been cleaned out but not re-cored. Inner and outer wings have been removed but no repairs carried out. The brakes have been relined but do not know when. The tyres are blown up but  imagine they will need replacing due purely to age. The sun roof has been removed but the metalwork is still available.  There is a sticker on the dashboard saying the car was at some time sold by Hankins of Alresford. The upholstery was infested by rodents so was stripped to the metal. A set of seats was obtained from a Morris Oxford.

The contact phone number is 07773 337583 or