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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1926 14/28 Stratford All Weather Tourer

I've attached pictures of my first test run in KA5539 after purchasing this good looking V4 a week ago. Very pleased to get the fuel problem sorted out so now for a good service and a new set of tyres etc prior to some runs around the north east.

The new owner, Bill Summerell would welcome any tips and if anyone has a spare owners manual for a 1926 14/28 Stratford All Weather Tourer please get in touch,


An update on our V4 KA 5539 , to date I have had to buy two rear prop shaft couplings as well as remove the fingers from the old shaft ,reset the fingers and then to re-attach them to a new shaft , many thanks to those members who put me in touch with the coupling manufacturers , those two items cost more than the car did in 1926 , while this repair was progressing I had the seats re-covered to match the seats that were with the car when purchased ,once again not cheap but totally justified . A new set of tyres were purchased and fitted   the old tyres were re-treads and had been allowed to stand without air in for many years . Our first real run out was on sat 30th May , really pleased with the old girls performance .

An interesting aside to my work on this car is that I was made aware of another Standard V4  lying in a shed not to far away from me and would I be interested , he gave the address and I was on site as fast as the law allows . It turned out to be a Standard V4 14/28 chassis number 60123 ,it is in a pretty sad state and had been turned in to a light tractor before the war , as were a lot of pre war cars , all the mechanical parts are still attached with the exception the mag plus the cyl head has been removed . I am assured there is no problem in this area . I bought it all  ,it is in good hands .

I now , once again , need help from any members who can shine a light on 60123 in particular to see if it has retained its reg number . I tried to find out using the clubs web site but my skills on this thing are rubbish .

Thanks and regards Bill Summerell .