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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Very Rare 1928 Standard Selby for Auction

A very rare 1928 Standard Selby from the Karl Ritter Collection is being auctioned by Coy’s Auctions details here:

Len Barr has provided more details of this car:

It first turned up in October 1966, when it was owned by a Herr Sepp Kopf in Vienna. For some years it has been in the Karl Ritter Collection, which I note is the vendor that has entered the car into the Coys Auction in October.


I have been in contact with our Austrian enthusiast, Alfred Breth, and he is going to try and get to the Auction. 


This is the earliest known surviving Selby listed, and what is unusual is that the car is mounted on the

7' 7"  short wheel base (i.e. Falmouth/Fulham) chassis and fitted with the 1155 cc engine rated at 8.9 H.P.  All the other survivors are on the 8' 3" long wheel base (i.e. Teignmouth) chassis and fitted with the 1287 cc engine rated at 9.9 H.P.


kind regards,


Len Barr

Len has emailed more information and pictures of the car and the auction:

The car has been converted from Magneto to a later coil ignition. This is not a difficult conversion and I am aware of several other Vintage cars that should be on Magneto ignition and have had coil conversions.  

The car only sold for 6500 Euros - not a large sum.  Admittedly there would be Buyers Premium and VAT to add to this price.