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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Very Rare 1948 Standard 8 Woodie

Pat Ging has sent me these pictures and story of his families very rare car:

See attached photo ...Standard 8 Woodie - 1948 - B&W ... this is a B&W photo of the car that was owned by my father's family (already included in the 1st article I sent when I joined the club) ... and is I believe the first car I travelled in as a baby.

My father and his brother were into photography and took many colour slides in the 40/50's .... the good news was that in scanning the slides to secure them I came across a slide from 1948 at the Dominican Priory in Tallaght, Dublin with the Woodie in the background  .... (see Standard 8 Woodie - 1948 - Colour) ... the bad news was that the car was parked behind a bush perfectly shaped to block out the rear of the car .... (see Standard Eight Woodie in Tallaght). However it gives a good idea of how impressive the rear would have looked.

While probably made of Ash, a man who travelled in such a car in his youth in Ireland, remembered calling his family woodie the "beech wagon". The other nice story he had to tell was that his mother used to bring him to school in the car. She would have a problem in Dublin at the cross roads on the Christ Church hill in that she had difficulty stopping the car rolling back when trying to do a hill start.... and would hold up the traffic. The garda (policeman) on traffic duty used to take pity on her and would stop the cross traffic when he would see her coming so she had no need to stop.  

Regards and thanks, Pat