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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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The ABCD Trophy, presented to Phil Homer at the International Rally 2014

The ABCD trophy is an award which is presented to a member of the Standard Motor Club for contributions to the club which are Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.

This year Phil Homer was presented with the trophy at the Saturday Gala Dinner of the International Rally. Phil joined the SMC in 1974/5 and has been a member of the committee for over 30 years. He is now Vice Chairman, Webshop Manager and 8 and 10 Spares officer. He set up the first Spares Scheme for the club, operating it for all models. The scheme grew and Phil led development of its expansion and progress, for example remanufacture of items such as exhaust systems. When others took over the spares scheme Phil spent many weekends moving items to new homes and was instrumental in the continuity of the scheme.

Phil set up the Standard Motor Club website and was Webmaster until 2013 keeping the website  vibrant and interesting with articles supplied by members; and also much input with pieces authored by Phil and illustrated with his own  photographs.

Over the years he has written many articles for magazines such as Triumph World and the Automobile. These promote the Standard marque and raise its profile.

He instigated the SMC webshop and is webshop administrator, a task which requires daily attention.

He is spares officer for the Standard 8 and 10 models and set up a system of volunteer fulfilment officers for the spares scheme.

As he owns and maintains a range of Standard vehicles spanning 1919 to 1956 he has built up a vast store of knowledge. He is very willing to talk to fellow owners and share expertise.

He has contributed to the success of many rallies and led the organisation of several Standard International rallies

He set up a website for the Standard Triumph forum and regularly represents the SMC at ST forum meetings and events, and also at FBHVC meetings.

Phil is not afraid to speak up and support the classic car movement and the needs of Standards and Triumphs. The latest venture he has led is a group of ST clubs interested in sharing ideas and contacts for remanufacturing spares.

Phil’s enjoyment of restoring and driving all the Standards he owns is second to none. Phil works on every aspect of restoration and upkeep of the Standards he owns, except hoods and upholstery and heavy duty welding. He enjoys paint spraying and is painstaking about detail.

Over the years Phil Homer has worked tirelessly for the Standard Motor Club and well deserves this commitment being recognised as Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.