This Donated Car is For Sale - proceeds to Club funds


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This is an honest and impartial description of the donated car, by Club committee members.

We have not "dressed it up" and it is described as "warts and all" because we want you to understand precisely what is being offered before you make a bid.


If you know someone who is interested, please tell them about it. It will not appear on eBay or anywhere else.


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A very generous Member has lost his garaging, so he has decided to donate his car to the Club, on the proviso that it is sold only to a Club member who will look after and cherish it, as he has done.

1956 Standard Super 8, showing 61,000 miles, but there is no documentation to prove this. A Stanpart factory reconditioned engine has been fitted in the past, it is running and ticks over quietly. The car is an older restoration in approximately the original colour of Elfin green. The external paintwork is in very good condition with only minor blemishes. There is a slight amount of corrosion near the bottom of the rear offside door, but there is no rust or holes anywhere on the bodywork. The car appears always to have been garaged. Both bumpers and all doorhandles and hubcaps are very good.  A heater and screenwasher are fitted, as are 4 opening quarterlights and an interior courtesy light.

The interior features unmarked red vynide with white piping and the cloth roof lining is undamaged. A partial set of red carpets are fitted. The doorcards are complete and in good condition, but the driver’s door requires a couple of replacement trim clips, easily obtainable, and a small rip repair needs to be glued.  The seatbacks are faded but complete, with no rips. The rear seats fold to give internal access to the boot. There are four good radial tyres with plenty of tread and a brand-new battery. The tyres do not have a date stamp. The spare wheel has not been inspected.  The horn push is black but will be replaced before the sale with the correct item from the Club’s stores.  The Engine compartment is scruffy.


The brakes are faulty, and the car will be sold “as is” as the Club’s officers are not insured to work on cars and therefore not allowed to. It is believed that the Master cylinder is faulty, but that is available brand new from the Club’s Spares Shop for £26.40. All 4 door edge draft excluders are worn, but these again are available from the Shop and are a DIY fit for £89.20. The V5C, showing a non-transferable number is included.

All in all, this car appears only to require the limited amount of work and expenditure that has been described here. Because the brakes are not working, the car needs to be taken away on a trailer, so this is a condition of sale. Alternatively, transport can be arranged at the purchaser’s risk and expense.

The car is illustrated here and further high-resolution photographs are available by request from the Club’s Secretary.  Any inspection is welcomed in St. Albans, by arrangement. 


Because of the stipulation by the previous owner, this car will only be advertised here in the Member’s Area of the Website and in the Standard Car Review. It must be sold to a member and the proceeds will be added to Club funds. There is no warranty.

It is necessary for bids to exceed the cost of recovery.


Your valid Club Membership number MUST be included with YOUR BID.

If you wish to join the Club to BID, then you can JOIN HERE and then quote your order number prior to a full membership number being issued.  

Sealed bids (including your membership number/related store number) can be made either by post or by email, which will remain unopened until the closing date, and should be sent to:


Lynda Homer, Secretary, Standard Motor Club,

43 The Ridgeway, St. Albans, Herts, AL4 9NR or


to reach her by 30th June 2021.


Multiple Bids in the same Email or letter are acceptable.

All bids will be acknowledged. The Club reserves the right to extend the sale or withdraw the car if a low reserve is not met.