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What some of our readers/members say:



Massive congratulations to you and the committee on the superb new website that promotes both the Standard marque and the Standard Motor Club. You weren't wrong when you said you think it's the best website of any classic car club. It's brilliant - professional, informative and beautifully presented. My wife (who is a professional designer) thinks that the choice of colours for the home page are particularly effective. I'm thoroughly enjoying exploring the new website and reading up on all things 'Standard'. Well done on a top job and thanks again for all that hard work. I bet RWM and JPB would be impressed if they were still here!


With very best wishes as ever,

Jonathan Williams

Hello Phil, thank you very much for creation of the new website: very clearly arranged, informative, great photos!
Kind regards

Alfred Kantner, Austria Club Member Nr. 6393



Cracking website, absorbing, interesting, friendly, colourful, varied, full of information. Well done. Dedication at its best. Thank you

Richard Owen.


Even though I've been a member of the SMC for quite a few years, it's only since our recent correspondence that I've come to appreciate what an excellent and comprehensive resource the website is. Felicitations!

Tom Dolby


What an excellent addition (the WebShop is), I renewed my membership in under 2 min's, great, and spares now available online. This must be one of, if not the best motor club websites around.  Well done to all who make it work.

Stuart Lucas


First of all many thanks for the very interesting website you prepare for the members of the Standard Motor Club. I am very proud to be one of the viewers to the website which hails from the small island of Malta. I can assure you that all these viewers, including me are keen enthusiasts of Standard Motors. Once again, I thank you for the great efforts you are doing regarding the website and apologise for my poor English. Wishing you, your wife and all committee members a NEW YEAR filled with happiness and prosperity.

Regards,  Themistocles Scicluna - membership no.5738



Alan Hobson here. "Standard 9 Holden bodied" from West Australia. I must congratulate you on your fine website, I would say it's the best car site around, you really must put in a hell of a lot of work and research to keep it fresh with new ideas and format.

Alan Hobson




Just want to thank you all very much for your helpful tips and advice - this is the first time I have used the forum and I have been amazed at the help you have all offered. This is what a good club should be like!


A. Watkins

(whose misfiring problems on his 34 standard 9 were resolved by forum advice)




Hi Phil,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the great web site and that I am going to join your club because of it, I found the help and encouragement it gave me, is a credit to you. I will sort out the application form soon. I have just purchased a 1955 Standard 8, (so I'm a bit distracted at the moment) not as glamorous as some on the site, but I have to start somewhere, I have my eye on a very poorly Flying Standard 9. It's a bit out of my depth as a first project, but I live in hope. Maybe as a second.

Thanks again for doing a fine job on the web site, maybe we will meet one day.

Alan (Exeter, Devon)



I have written to you before reference your web site, but feel that I should now write again. You go from strength to strength, in fact, I do sometimes wonder just from where you obtain all your material. I enjoy all articles about old cars. I have restored two pre-war Morris and a post-war Jaguar, but I am sorry to say never a Standard, although having said that, my first car, in 1968 was a 1958 Standard Ten, VKV 427 - now long gone to the great scrapyard in the sky, I should imagine! This no doubt accounts for my "soft spot" for the marque.

I am rather enjoying the articles reference the Standard built Sopwith Pup, it will become very interesting as the restoration proceeds and it becomes a flying exhibit. Your competitions have also proved to be deadly. The one about the out of position hood irons had me thinking, but I could not solve it, and as for the one about the steering wheel finger grips, never in a thousand years would I have solved that!!

In the meantime, please keep up your excellent work, I, and I am sure many many other people look forward to reading your pages, which I check once a day for new stories.


Best regards,

John Whale,  Coventry.




I have been following the SMC website since quite some time now.... And one thing I want to convey is :  Congratulations, pal!  You have been doing absolutely wonderful job: with the latest updates and constant lively interactive's, the site becomes absolutely interesting for enthusiasts like me to follow through every time I access the net! Cheers and all the best.

Subhash Karmarkar, Pune, Bharat


"Great photos on the register event also the new photos on vintage" - Stan Gilford


"The web site is fantastic"  - John Payne


"Congratulations on your excellent website" - Geoff Saul


"You have the best site I have come onto yet.  The graphics are very good. You pay constant attention to it.   The abundance of information is staggering by comparison with any other club I've explored. Hooray for you and the Club!" - Joe Kern, USA



Excellent work Phil, very comprehensive and easy to use! 

Val, Frome, Somerset.



Thanks for all that you do for the club. The website is outstanding.

Laurence Bennett, Alaska.

Phil, thank you for taking the time to develop and update this site. It is a credit to yourself and all those who contribute. There is a place in my heart for a real car and stumbling across your site has been an inspiration. I really must pull my finger out and do something about the 47 Flying eight in the basement. Keep up the good work mate.


John Nelson, New Zealand

"I must thank you for the great job you are doing for enthusiasts like me. If not for your site, I would never have known what the original (Standard 10)  looked like. I don't think there are very many cars in Sri Lanka, in fact, I haven't seen one in Colombo. Hence, I intend to make my car the best in the country. Wishing you success in all your future endeavours" – 

Shehan Nugaduwa, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.

The web site is great and easy to use, it would be nice to see some more photos of members cars.

I enjoy reading the magazine and look forward to its arrival, the stories are informative and easy to read.

The spare parts service/availability is brilliant, it is easier to buy what I need from you guys than to hunt for parts here in Australia.

Keep up the good work. Cheers,

Andrew Keall