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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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This event in what must be its fifth time when Peter Hallam has arranged the vintage and classic car side of things, was somewhat unusual. For one thing our Standards seemed to take over the show, having doubled our Standard display numbers since last year. Only four this time but still good for us here in Cornwall having had only Peter and my car in previous years. The second good thing was a visit by the Chairman of the Guild of Motoring Writers, Charlotte Blight, who lives locally and brought along her Hillman Super Minx in totally original condition. She also came along to our Drive-It-Day event so the Standard owners down here must be doing something right, if she chooses to follow our events.

Main problem this year was the overall lack of vintage and classic cars. There were many other events within a ten mile radius where owners were invited to show their vehicles, events which have fixed dates each year and co-operation between organisers to avoid confliction seems to be non-existent. Peter and the Regatta organisers have no option but to go for a Sunday when the tides are right.

Personally, comparing last year with this year, weather conditions were similar, attendance by the public, as usual – overwhelming, I found it a much nicer, friendlier and informal time with less cars and less of the parking problems of last year. Small is beautiful, I say.

In addition to my 1938 Flying Twelve Drophead, John and Shirley Lawley came along in their 1963 Ensign which complemented Peter Hallam’s 1930 Ensign, and to keep my Flyer company was Andrew Tillotson with his 1938 Flying Nine. Needless to say, Andrew and myself were deluged with enquiries with "what make of car is that?", seeing none of the flyers had a maker’s name except on the hubcaps. Of course people had only to look on the inscription on our feather banner, didn’t they ?

There was plenty to do there a Shipwreck Museum , two sailing ships moored up in the now redundant china-clay harbour, many charity stalls, pubs to visit and boat trips around the bay. John and Shirley, being new comers to Cornwall didn’t know where to go first but I did spy them consuming a "proper" Cornish pasty and later scones, jam and cream, I believe. The harbour is used as a backdrop for many of our costume dramas, from the Onedin Line to Doctor Who, is now on the market. For the paltry sum of 4.5 million pounds you can own one historic harbour, two three-masted sailing ships and two beaches; any offers?

Report by Brian Murrish and the Cornish Crew

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August 2012