Standard Car Review - March 2021

The Club produces a Standard Car Review every month.

This is a 36-page full-colour production, posted to all members.

This latest edition comprises:

  • Front Cover: A 1932 Standard Little Nine

  • Your Committee details

  • Editorial: The New club Website

  • Events for your Diary

  • The Standard International Rally

  • The Mystery of Mallory-Y-Mo, by Nick Black. Five illustrated pages of the History of Sir John Black’s Welsh holiday home.

  • A V-Eight – Part Two, by Digby Lovel. 3 pages on this rare car

  • RH Insurance

  • A Warm welcome to a page of new members

  • Centre page spread of 3 x Little 9’s

  • Around the Groups

  • Little Nine – Small Car, big influence. A seven-page illustrated article on this important car

  • Carpet sets for all Standard

  • Peter Best Classic Car Insurance

  • Adrian Flux Insurance

  • Discover your Car’s Build Record

  • Trading Standards – 3 pages of Sales and Wants

  • “Driving In the EU”

  • Archivists and Spares Officers

  • Spares 0nline, Regalia and Fellow Owners

  • Back Page: A Vanguard and a Standard Teignmouth

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