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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Lynda and I attended on both days, Saturday and Sunday. We set off around 7.30 am in the Avon Tourer and were in Coventry City Centre before 10am. Already there was a good selection of Standards present in our prime spot, which was the entrance to the  pedestrianised  Broadgate Shopping Centre and outside the appropriately named "Flying Standard"  a JD Wetherspoons free house named after our  car model.

As Saturday was a busy shopping day there was a constant stream of visitors, obviously their first priority was shopping, but they also seemed amazed that there was such a wide display of cars to inspect as well.

A few visitors could remember some of the younger cars being built but usually it was parents or grandparents that were mentioned. One visitor we got chatting to remembered that his Grandfather worked for Avon during the war, but he had no real  idea what he did. There was some debate whether Avon may have been involved in "Tilly" production as there is lots of wood and bent panels in the model we had on display. It was probable that as the Canley factory was full of airplane production, that vehicle production may have been carried out in subsidiary or related companies like Avon

Sunday was less busy with the public, though much better from a weather point of view.  It was fairly quiet before the shops opened at 10am, so there was adequate time for a hot breakfast in Wetherspoons ( no, we didn't have a pint with it!) Unfortunately there were not enough Marshals available to carry out the runs around the rRngroad, though the whole anticlockwise circuit had been coned off for a whole 12 hours.  Instead we used the opportunity to visit the excellent Coventry Motoring Museum, which is a splendid free visit. Amongst the Standards on show, I photographed the oldest surviving Standard, SMC 1 in it's street scene deep in the museum. It looks a bit surreal with a full complement of Edwardian Tailor's dummies.The car hasn't been on the road for the last 10 years now, so we hope it is still roadworthy. We all though it would be good if we could get it to attend a future International Rally when we come back to the Midlands. Lets hope we can arrange that!

The good weather persisted into the evening when we set off back down the A45 and A5, successfully avoiding the traffic on the M1. The Avon covered 160 miles over the weekend so the engine will soon be run-in. Now for Churchill next.

Phil Homer