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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Two Standards for Auction in Denmark

Bård Nielsen & Patrick Ging have sent this information about the auction.

Viewing is on the 9th & 10th August 2013

Check - this is a now defunct car museum and is selling off what remains after their big auction last year.

Proceed to "-Katalog og salgsbetingelser" and then tick "Katalog". On page 42 you'll find tender (item) no 572 which is no less than one of the original 1939 LHD Danish Flying Eight tourers - possibly the 3rd one made if I'm correct when I say this allocation started at N 22,501. 

I have notified member Jens Timm Jensen in Denmark who has the only other such tourer remaining in Denmark.

Also on page 16 lot no 170 is a Vanguard.

The catalogue is in English and Danish

11 October 2013 Bard Nielsen sent us this update on the auction:

You will be interested to learn that member Jens Timm Jensen's bid for 22503 at the Alholm Museum garage sale was successful, and the car is now safely in his custody. According to our research into the Flying Eights, this is the 3rd out of 50 LHD Tourer assembled by Bonstedt-Petersen in Denmark, probably sold late May 1939, but we have yet to find out where in Denmark, the exact date of first registration, and name of first owner.
Among Flying Eight tourers, this car has an interesting feature in the form of a boot lid - we've never come across this before. Whether it was originally built so, or it is a later conversion, we have yet to find out. The spare wheel is stored inside the boot, so there cannot be much space left over there for luggage, say a suitcase. One might say the modification has defeated its own object?
All the best, Bard Nielsen

Hopefully Bard or Jens will send us more pictures and information on this car in the near future. Richard