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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Flying Standard with Ranalah body

This photograph was presented to me at the NEC Classic Motor Show. The only information with it was that it was a Standard Ranalah.  The father of the owner of the photo had once owned the car.

My view presently is that this is a coachbuilt Drophead Coupe on a Flying 12 chassis. Because of its large size, I tend to think it is a Flying Heavy 12 from 1935 or 36, which was before the factory itself started to produce Drophead Coupés. The earliest "Factory" Flying 12 DHC dates from  April 1937, though that body is believed to be by Mulliners of Birmingham.

The coachbuilder responsible was Ranalah, a name used by John Charles, who built small numbers of cars on upmarket chassis, including Rolls Royce, during the 1930's.' in Morden Rd, Merton, SW19. The bonnet, bumpers, radiator grille and front wings appear to be Standard factory items. This car has "Easiclean" wheels whilst the '35 Standard was on Wires with ACE Wheel Discs. The rear three-quarters blind spots must have been regarded as very dangerous in the day.

Does anyone have any further information about this car, or this coachbuilder?

This is the first photo published of a Ranalah, hence I have spoilt it to deter those individuals who steal Club copyrighted material for their own purposes.

Phil Homer


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