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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standards invited to a Tractor Rally in Cornwall June 2016

Brian Murrish a fellow Standard car owner in Cornwall contacted us earlier this year about a Tractor Rally in Fraddon, Cornwall, who were looking for a display of Standard cars to help celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Ferguson tractor who used the Standard engine in their early models.

Carol, Gerald and Chris and I decided we could all enjoy a weekend in Cornwall and accepted the invite.

Chris and I set off early on the Friday morning and had a lovely drive down (having heard about the accident around Gunnislake, from Gerald) after amending our planned route across the moor and went via Launceston, meeting up with Carol and Gerald for a coffee in Morrisons the other side of Tavistock.   We arrived into Cornwall in plenty of time for a picnic lunch and a bit of sightseeing and decided on a visit to The Lost Gardens of Heligan.  We had an enjoyable walk around the beautiful gardens and were the last to leave as they shut, before departing for the rally field.  We enjoyed a lovely meal together, meet some very friendly locals, who kindly gave us directions, us to our B&B with our 4/8a and Gerald and Carol to the rally site with their Motorhome and Standard Pick Up.

We were made very welcome on the Saturday and Chris, Gerald and Brian decorated the area where the ten Standards were displayed with banners and bunting, which was viewed with some amusement by the tractor owners. We had our own write up in the rally programme with a thank you from the organisers for attending the Ferguson anniversary celebrations.

It was a lovely local show, with the emphasise on the wide variety of Tractors, but there were also stalls, events in the ring and craft tents to keep Carol and myself happy. Chris and Gerald were off chatting with fellow car owners and locals.

Unfortunately, the planned evening run was cancelled (we never found out why) so we had our own road run to the next village for delicious fish and chips and brought them back to the beer tent where we spend an enjoyable evening watching a competition of traditional sheaf throwing, between ladies and men.  The male winner heaving a sheaf over 26ft with one swing, quite impressive!

Sunday was wet but we made the most of the day, staying until around 4pm.  Whilst Carol and I sat drinking Tea in the beer tent, Chris and Gerald took their vehicles into the ring and together with the rest of the Standard owners were presented with  “the best car in show” in recognition of the Marque.

When it was obvious the weather was not going to improve we set off for home around 4pm, on quiet roads and both couples made good time.  All in all, a good weekend with the usual good company.

Linda & Chris Bowden