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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Help finding Car

Hi, I have used all Facebook clubs and am getting my post viral, but hope you could push this further and/or add to your site: -

Hoping the power of the internet can help make a wish come true for my 83 year old Dad. This is a picture of his beloved car, a Standard Vanguard Phase III lovingly named 'Bessie'. Unfortunately, my Dad had to sell the car back in the 1990's, in Clayton, Staff; but often reminisce's on the family holidays and day trips in his favourite car.

He talks about the car almost daily, and simply wonders where it is now. I am wanting to see if anybody knows of the car or current/previous owners just to fill in the ownership gaps. I know he would love to hear of anyone elses joy from owning the car and would be delighted with any photos of the car after he'd sold it.

We have tried all Vanguard clubs, shows etc and also tried to contact man who bought it, but after he moved my Dad lost track of him and the car.

I really want to get him some info for him, as he has given so much to his family & we just want to give a little back to him. So if everyone can read & share, we would be so grateful.

If you have any info at all, please comment or contact me on

Thank you xxx

If you can help at all, that would be amazing - picture of the car attached.


Samantha Harrison

This car is not listed in the clubs database but is recorded on the DVLA site. Webmaster