COMING SOON!  - Cylinder Head Production

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Major Spares Remanufacturing Initiative

In co-ordination with outside industry, the Club has embarked on its most ambitious remanufacturing initiative to date – that is the remanufacture of cylinder heads for our cars.


The cylinder head for the Flying 8 and the Postwar 4/8A is being developed using the latest 3D printing technology and casting techniques.

The patterns for the head and the core box are now complete. The engineering drawings and Computer software for machining are ready. The heads are being cast in Aluminium alloy and will be machined shortly.


As the techniques and tools used are completely up to date, we are confident that the product will exceed the quality of the original equipment.


When available, the parts will be advertised here on this website, and in the Club’s Webshop.


If you would like to register interest or for further information, please contact Brian Parkes on or call 01494 873646


If there is sufficient interest, further cylinder heads will be considered.

3d printed cylinder head pattern.jpg

The 3D printed model of the head, which is fractionaly larger than the original to compensate for shrinkage during cooling once cast.

Machining brings the head to exact tollerances of the original.