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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Club Insurance Advice:

After many years experience, the Standard Motor Club makes the following recommendations regarding insurance policies. These are the things you should consider:

Always insure your car for an "agreed value". This may require a valuation form to be completed and endorsed at the outset. In that way, in the unfortunate circumstances that you have to claim for a total loss, there will be no disagreement about the value of your vehicle.

Your insurance should include breakdown recovery, sometimes available at no additional cost.

If your car does not do a high mileage, choose a policy that offers a discount for a limited mileage.

Some policies will offer discounts if the insured car is a second vehicle, or multiple classics are insured on the same policy, or if modern and classic vehicles are mixed.

Choose a policy that allows you the option to purchase your salvage back if your vehicle is written off. You may still wish to rebuild the vehicle but some policies do not allow this.