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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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International Groups can be set up by keen members in any country. If you have an interest, please EMail the Webmaster, who will be pleased to tell you how to go about it.

International Groups

Standard owners are catered for in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand by the following:

1. Europe

SMC European Representative:


If you would like to be the Club's representative in Europe, please contact Lynda our groups organiser,

2. North America

SMC North American Representative:


If you would like to be the Club's representative in North America, please contact Lynda our groups organiser,

3. Australia

The Standard Historian, Australia

Brian Rawson runs a website dedicated to Standards in Australasia. Click on the logo below to visit his site. Press your "Back" button to come back here:

Standard and Triumph Car Club of NSW Inc.


The picture shows an advertising sign at the Phoenix Foundry, Uralla NSW Australia, which the Standard and Triumph Car Club visited earlier in the year. The firm was an agent for Standard and other cars up till about 1950 and still operates as a jobbing foundry while keeping  the original workshop intact as a heritage exhibition

Club History

The Standard and Triumph Car Club of NSW Inc. was formed in October, 2003 when 21 enthusiasts from around the state joined together at Newcastle for that purpose.

It was felt that there had been a need for some time for a club to promote this marque in NSW. While there were other clubs catering for the needs of particular Triumph owners none covered Standards and the broad spectrum of Triumph vehicles. One of these other clubs, the Triumph Pre-1954 Heritage, merged with the STCC in July 2005 to form one large club.

Triumph cars had a short history, 1923 to 1944, some of that spent in bankruptcy, when Standard bought the company and used the name on some of their range. Therefore all post war Triumphs shared the same parentage as Standards and shared many components.

The name of Standard was dropped in favour of Triumph due to the word "standard" unfortunately coming to mean "ordinary" or "base" in the USA. This occurred shortly after Standard Triumph International was taken over by British Leyland.

Vehicles Covered

The club covers all vehicles manufactured by the Standard Motor Co. from its beginning in 1903 and the Triumph Motor Co. beginning in 1923 as well as those by Standard Triumph International and the Standard Triumph International division of British Leyland ending in 1980 when the last Triumph designed vehicles were manufactured at Canley. These vehicles include the following:

Pre war Triumphs, Dolomite, Gloria, Super Series 7, 8, 9 Early Standards (pre war) Standard Flying Range (8, 10, 12, 14, 20) Vanguard Standard 8 and 10 Triumph Renown and Mayflower Triumph 2000 and 2500, Stag TR range Triumph Herald, Spitfire and GT6 Triumph Dolomite and Sprint

Club Events

The club has four weekend Get Together's in various parts of the state each year as well as a State Rally, the location of which is rotated around the state.

Because our membership is spread across such a big area we do not hold monthly meetings at a single location. We hold meetings in conjunction with our Get The aim of the Get Together's is primarily to give members an opportunity to meet and form friendships with others who have a common interest in this marque. There is ample time to admire each others vehicles, visit interesting venues available in the town where we meet and to share meals together as well as sometimes to display our vehicles to the public.

The Rally is slightly more formal with some trophies given for the most popularly judged vehicles.

Club Benefits

Club Magazine

The club issues 10 newsletters a year, February to November. It includes news about members’ activities, Get Together's, Rallies, For Sale page, road tests of vehicles and technical information. There are also photos of events and other things of interest. Also "The Heritage" a substantial magazine is issued annually.

Historic Registration

The club is on the RTA Register of clubs of which members can apply for Historic (Conditional) Registration. Any NSW member who wishes to apply for this registration should contact the Historic Plates Registrar of the club who will give him/her all the details.

Club Website

The club also has a website which contains a lot of information about and pictures of the vehicles covered and gives up to date information on coming events.

Click here to visit our site.

Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts Guild Inc, Victoria

 The SVEG Inc caters for all vehicles manufactured by the Standard Vanguard Motor Club (whatever that is? - webmaster) of England (later Leyland STI) from 1903 to 1964. Every effort will be made to help members with information on maintenance and parts. Our aim is to achieve this  through through friendly and informal social gatherings.

Meetings are held at 8:00 pm on the third Wednesday of each month (except January) at Alvie Hall, corner of High Street Road and Alvie Road Mount Waverley. (Melway ref: 61 D11) Everybody welcome.

Standard Vanguard Enthusiasts Guild Inc.

P.O. Box 64

Mitcham VIC 3132



Visit the Guild's website

Club Standard and Triumph of Victoria

4. New Zealand

The Standard Enthusiasts Club is now well established. We have over 60 members and also send out regular newsletters and hold 2 club organised rallies per year as well as displays events and swap meets. Our club caters to all owners and enthusiasts of vehicles manufactured by the Standard Motor Co. Prospective members are invited to join this friendly club where exchanging information and idea's will help to keep these British Classics on the road.

Details: Standard Enthusiasts Club, P.O.Box 19 539, Woolston, Christchurch 8241, New Zealand.

Contact Trevor Lightfoot Phone 03 3851 200

Annual subs: $10.

You can read more about the Club at "Out and About in New Zealand"