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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Knebworth Classic Car Show

Ian Leggett represented the Club on the 24th & 25th August at the 24th Annual Knebworth Classic Car Show at Knebworth Park nr Stevenage, Herts  

Ian’s Vanguard was bought in 1986 in a complete but just MOT passable condition, over the next few years it was improved with replacement chrome parts (you could get them at that time if you knew where to find them). A tow bar was fitted to tow his caravan and at static rallies the tea and rest caravan on the club stand.

In 1991 a replacement engine was fitted (yes you could get those also) and overdrive fitted. This combined with a body repair and new paint made the car very smart and it went on to win numerous awards at shows. It was a feature car in Practical Classics, at the Bristol Classic Car Show, GMEX in Manchester, at NEC Birmingham and at Standard Triumph Day at Stoneleigh as well as the Restoration Show at the same place. It has also featured in a BBC documentary about a nuclear aircraft crash at USAF Lakenheath. Distance has proved no object to this car and having covered about 270,000 miles in his ownership it is well known on the rally scene. The most recent award was at Gemini Events Classic Car Show at Knebworth in August 2014 where it took the Concours 2014 Class Winner trophy. Although Ian tried to make the photo a little more summer like than it really was you can probably see the wetness on the body although the layers of polish did a good job in dispersing it. If you are looking for a long legged reliable car then look no further than a Vanguard, but buy one that has had most work done to it as chrome plating and suspension parts are now very expensive.