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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Lionel Camou’s 1947 Standard 8

Hello all,

My car came from England in January 2013 on a small trailer, the carrier was in a hurry to drop it and go quickly. He did not stay more than 10 minutes and it was impossible to stop him going!

He had broken down in France and the car had become frozen. So obviously I had to loosen the CAP from the radiator with a chisel to see that everything was frozen: the engine... Contacting the seller, he told me to deal with the carrier, which was not very honest on his part because it was he who should have put in antifreeze.  It began badly!  After several days of thaw, I put the engine on the road. Everything was apparently fine. Except that it has 2 leaks on the cylinder head, but the engine runs well. I will remove the cylinder head before going to Beaulieu, I will need to purchase a new cylinder head I think (aluminium) and a gasket.

February, March, April & May it was raining all the time and the car was under tarpaulins outside. I could not not too much work on it or try it.  Currently, I am working on the electrical circuit with my cousin and we look at the brakes mainly as my street is very very steep. I greased the steering... Restored the seats and taken the car in a saddle for a new hood after repairing the poles and the sides screams. The hood is very beautiful, it is the work of professional! I also bought 4 new tyres...

At this moment I am installing flashing lights, towels-ice and I have finished this weekend.  The car leaks oil! But it is very difficult to tighten the housing because the rail passes over them and I did not ditch. Not knowing what there like oil, I think put the 20/50!   I hope you don't get fed up with my stories but I love this little car and I already have a small Austin seven with which I treat me. but for my small children it had 4 seats...     


Lionel CAMOU