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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1956 Standard Super Ten

Mark O’Neill has sent the following information on his restoration project

A brief history of ‘BERTIE’

Registration XKK 243 

XKK 243 has spent all its pre-2012 life in the Tunbridge Wells area. The car was purchased in 1956 from Stevensons Motors Ltd*1, London Road, Tunbridge Wells  by a Mr H Greenslade, who lived in Bayham Road. In the early 1980’s the car was discovered beneath sheets*2 in the corner of the workshop at Wheelers Motors of 109, Goods Station Road in Tunbridge Wells. The second owner who lived in the Langton Green area of Tunbridge Wells bought the car, with 57698 on the clock, from Wheelers in October of 1982 and kept it stored in a garage only using it occasionally on sunny days*3. The third owner purchased the car on the 22nd Feb 2012, with 68476 miles on the clock. The car had not been started for a number of years, so was was taken by trailer to a specialist Tunbridge Wells garage, where the mechanics were re-commissioned (£4.5k) and the car was issued with a fresh mot. XKK 243 was displayed in its “found State”. 

*1  The car still has its original Stevenson’s Supplying  Dealer Tax Disc Holder and Kent Registration

*2  Whilst it was in the corner of the workshop damage was caused to the near side rear wing where another vehicle was reversed in to XKK243 whilst being moved around the workshop, this small area has now been repaired.

*3 Apparently the car had never been driven in the rain or on wet roads, although the second owner did get caught in the beginnings of a shower and managed to get the car beneath petrol station canopy until the rain had passed and the roads had dried out!!

It was purchased via eBay, without being viewed & transported to Stourbridge in October 2012. I took a chance and saw XKK 243 arrive on 6th Oct 2012.

My list of jobs to get this far are

Initial Purchase 

Transportation From Tunbridge Wells to Stourbridge

Replacement radiator hoses 

Replacement carpets 

RE-chromed front & rear bumper/over-rider sets 

New headlamp rings 

New door handles 

Driver window replacement 

Rebuilt off-side door weather seal

Off-side door corrosion repair 

Front/rear windscreen seals 

Replacement wiper blades 

Replacement fuel filler cap & fuel pipe 

Repair indicator lamp -green 

Replace charge indicator lamp - red            

Exterior re-spray

Rewire headlamps                            

Replace side/tail/ stop lamp rubbers 

Replacement Stop/Tail Lamp

Replace side/tail/ stop lamp chrome rings 

Rewire tail/indicator lamps with LEDs 

Replace rear reflector (with tail/stop LEDs)                          

Rewire front side/indicator lamps (with LEDs)                            

Replace flasher unit                        

Rebuild original steering wheel 

Paint & refit name badges 

Paint & replace fuel filler cap 

Replace headlamp inner rims 

Replace headlamp outer rims 

Refit front seat runners 

Clean front & rear seats 

Fit replacement door edge seals                        

Replacement Kick Strips

Fit replacement interior mirror                             

Replace o/s wing mirror                     

Fit new n/s window mirror                    

Fit new soundproof underlay                      

Fit new carpet Replace water pump                     

Replace water pump manifold        

Fit temperature sensor 

Fit temperature gauge                   

Fit replacement boot catches    

Replace Boot weather seal      

Charge & test battery                    

Clean/repair carburettor 

Clean fuel pump/filter  

Fit new fan belt to proper size

Make & fit new door card panels - Cranberry Vinyl, Hardboard, card-foam padding, spray glue

Number plate(s) refurbishment

Dash refit & refurbishment

Clean engine compartment

Fit temperature gauge (along side dash) - Dash Gauge Socket, Smiths Temperature Gauge

Fit power socket (under dash ctr) - Power/Cigar Lighter/socket (Standard Cars)  

Sundries (nuts, bolts, screws, oil, rags, drip tray, bench-tools, special tools , etc) 

The tally tops £6k, but I keep telling myself it is only money and it is good for me!

I recon there's at least another £1k to go (Shh, don't tell the good lady!)