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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Triumph Marque Day 2014 - Brooklands

Glorious Sunshine had been ordered!

The trip around the M25 was just over 40 miles and very easy at 45mph in free flowing traffic. We arrived before the gates opened and very much earlier than Peter Lockley, who usually criticises our late arrival ( which is thoroughly  undeserved!).m  We were overtaken on the M25 by the Vanguard Vignale seemingly doing 70mph, piloted by our Vanguard Spares Officer, Peter Foster. He later admitted he was in overdrive top doing less than 3000rpm, having started off very early from Spalding in Lincolnshire. How useable is a Vanguard Vignale?

We were soon joined by several other members and formed a line-up quite close to the Club House, next to a line up of Triumph Razoredges and Roadsters. Brooklands is a fantastic venue for Transport fans. As well as a comprehensive Motoring museum dedicated to early racing and land-speed records, there is an aviation musem which includes a Concorde. The restored Clubhouse houses more exhibits, a restaurant and a bar so there is more than enough to keep everyone amused. And I haven't yet mentioned London Transport's reserve collection of buses.

Our display of Standards was just 9 cars from a turnout of nearly 400 Triumphs. But of course our display was the most interesting, ranging from the Vignale already mentioned, as the youngest, to the 1912 Standard Model M, which was the oldest vehicle of the day, by some considerable margin. The owner is a member at Brooklands so we were able to enjoy Members benefits of beers in the upstairs bar. Thanks Clive!

A busy day, but we soon had to think of leaving. It wasn't a pleasant thought! First the Avon refused to start, which required some tweaking of the carb/fuel system. My thanks to Malcolm Graham for lending a hand. Its great  how Club members all gather round to assist when another member is in difficulty.  The M25 on a Sunday evening resembles a slow moving car park. So we soon found ourselves in the middle of six lanes of almost stationary traffic past Heathrow, I hope the rest of you had an easier journey home. That said the Avon only reached 76  deg. C which wasn't that much worse than the 72 deg, we reached on the way down that morning. Most of that can be explained by the much higher air temperature later in the afternoon.

A thoroughly enjoyable, if rather hot day out. Now to get the car ready for the 400 mile round trip to the Wirral next weekendl. See you there.

Our splendid Lineup - Cars taking part at Brooklands:

1912 Standard Model M,  Brighton Torpedo. 01 2292  (2nd oldest surviving Standard actually on the Road) -  Clive Watson

1931 Avon Standard Big 9 Tourer  GK 5626 - David Kemp

1935 Avon Standard 10/12 Tourer VG 7927 - Phil and Lynda Homer

1937 Standard Flying 9 EKN 174 - John Hughes

1939 Standard Flying 12 GPU 92 - Barry Watson

1955 Standard 8 Deluxe, VKX 868 - Geoff Martin

1955 Swallow Dorretti, NBC 742 - Peter Lockley, Malcolm Graham

1959 Standard Pennant, WLT 117 - Ray and Di Ferris

1961 Standard Vanguard Vignale - Peter Foster