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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Model Vanguard Feature

Model 153 was produced both with and without rear wheel spats. It appears to have come in these two shades of fawn, or blue, as below:

Here it is mint with box, in fawn,

.................and in blue

Kenna produced the Vanguard 1 in Saloon, Pickup, Van and Estate form, these were white-metal kits, available to assemble and paint yourself, or in ready painted form:


Triang produced these Mimic plastic models with a push to go motor


These are models of the Phase 3 Vanguard in lemon, or red and pale blue. Some had a flywheel motor

Unknown makers:

These are a selection that I have not yet identified. If you know any more about them, please let us know on our messageboard:

Left appears to be an ambulance with the Star of David on the roof

Below left is crude metal model., just about distinguishable as a Vanguard 2, who made it?

Below right is a blue plastic "jellymould" of unknown origin

And finally, 2 shots of this unknown metal Phase 1 with a large clockwork motor:

I am aware that there are other models and information that could be added to this page to make it more comprehensive, so if you have material and photographs, please let me know.  Please send me, Phil Homer,  an email 

I received this information by email

Hi - I was researching something and came across your models page by chance!

You may already know and just not updated, but the white ambulance with the Star of David was made in Israel by Gamda who acquired the moulds to the River Series which were originally made in the UK. They added windows which the British made items didn’t have. The red saloon below it is an original River Series item.

This is probably the best authority on these:

I think the red one at the bottom is Mettoy (who went on to make Corgi Toys) but it would originally have had the ‘Bump and Go’ features:

Can’t help with your ‘Jellymould’ plastic item at the moment!

One ‘model’ you may not have seen is a small plastic estate car by Minic - part of a set which I have, here is a photo of the set:

Best wishes,


Feature on Vanguards in model form!

OK, Vanguard fans, get ready to salivate!

Here are photographs of Vanguard models that I have collected. Note that I have only collected the photos, not the models themselves!

Corgi Vanguard 1: