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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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‘Molly’ the 1929 Standard Teignmouth

Ken Challan tells us about his 1929 Standard Teignmouth

I first purchased "Molly" just under a year ago when I felt I needed something a bit different from the normal classic, although she was running (I use the term loosley) she was far from perfect and I felt at that time all she needed was that great term we all use, "a bit of fettling" well since then I have now got carburration sorted out by making new jets, finding a choke of the right size, cleaning tanks, pipes etc and fitting a new tank filter, renewing some wiring, hoses, fanbelts and the like all round greasing and a final touchup and polish to make her look reasonable under the bonnet.

I havent done much with the outside at all apart from rear lights (the old lenses were off a lorry) but on the inside have put all new floors,and carpets , got the semaphores to work properly, some more wiring and with a bit of adjustment on the rear seat! have now got 3 inches less leg room but now have a 'boot' behind the seat giving me room for chairs & tables etc.

When I first had the "Teignmouth" she had a speedo reading of 97303 and since 2005 (when the previous owner bought it) and had averaged about 50 miles a year, I was told that it had been stood for a number of years previously but have nothing to substantiate this, so if any member knows more? any information, would of course be very welcome.

I have travelled comfortably I might add some 450 miles so far this year, and have plans to do a lot more in the coming months, she regularly gets taken out for a run two or three times a week not including shows and returns around 35 to the gallon at a similar MPH.

The best thing about driving a 1929 Standard Teignmouth is, no matter where you go people look at her and immediately smile ! isn't it nice that an 84 year old car made by the "Standard Motor Company" can still give people the feel good factor.

Kind regards


PS although I shall not be at the National Rally I will be at the Stamford Show on the 25th August where I shall look forward to meeting Conan Lewis and hopefully some other Standard Owners.