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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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New Zealand Factory

Hi Richard. I've been in correspondence with Jeff King in New Zealand whose father worked at the Standard assembly plant in Christchurch between 1949 & 1965. His Father even assembled his own Standard 10 on the side while working there & then used it as the family car for many years, he was very proud of it! Jeff has sent me the following links, which may be of use to you for the website perhaps. Regards Pete

Hi Pete,

Here is some information and links regarding Motor Assemblies Ltd.

Its not much, but will give some idea of what went on.



NZ Motor Assemblies Ltd factory on the South side of Tuam Street at the Fitzgerald Avenue corner of Christchurch NZ. The manufacturing division of Leyland Motor Corporation of New Zealand. Was in existance in 1947. Produced Standard 8's 10's, Triumph Heralds and Vanguards, early Triumph 2000's before it closed and relocated to Nelson in 1965. My Dad didnt move us to Nelson unfortunately (wonderful holiday spot) but got a job with Steel Brothers Ltd, assembling Toyotas until he retired (and died) in 1982.

Press announcement of new factory:

Good Info and photo about cars produced at Motor Assemblies Ltd..

"Standard-Triumph, Wolseley, Land Rover" etc...

Some information about the later Nelson factory...

News item about building of Nelson factory...

Third paragraph...

My late Dad would have known all about this, as he worked in the  Standard--Triumph assembly plant here in town from 1949 till  it closed in 1965. They built up a lot of CKD cars in those  days. He built his own Standard 10 on the side at work, and  I remember travelling on holiday as a kid in it. He was very  proud of that car.