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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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From your Webmaster, Richard Hyde

This website is now normally updated at least once a week with new features and information. Clearly I can not write all these pages myself, there just isn't enough time for me to do it.

In order for me to achieve this refresh rate I am reliant on you, Standard Enthusiasts, to keep me supplied with a never-ending stream of material. If you contribute you will have the satisfaction of seeing your material appear on and to be preserved there forever. It will outlive you!

What does the website need?

More material like you see published every week. It could be:

Event reports

Road runs


Unusual vehicles

Road tests

Press and magazine cuttings, old or new

Your car being used (weddings, baptisms, holidays, or just a trip down the pub, etc)

Future Events

Local Group Meetings

old adverts

etc, etc

Perhaps surprisingly, I get more material about prewar cars, so I particularly welcome new features about Postwar Derivatives, Vanguards and Standard 8, 10 Pennants and Companions. Material about commercials and military vehicles, and aircraft iare rare, so I would dearly love to see more.

How do you send it for publication?

There are a number of ways:

Send it by Email to (preferred)


Text is best sent as a Word document attachment or simply within the Email itself. Please keep formatting of Word Documents as simple as possible. If possible please convert all text to the font "Verdana", which is used exclusively on the Website. If possible please don't send me handwritten text, it takes me ages to re-type it.


Photos are best send in .jpeg or .jpg compressed format with a file size preferably between 100Kb and 1Mb. Plase don't embed them in Word documents or anything else, as it is impossible to get them out again. Please do not crop pictures.

I can also deal with printed photos but the quality of reproduction on the website is not so good. Printed photos can be returned if you include a s.a.e.

After 12 years of publishing on the web, the articles are still coming in thick and fast and are becoming more interesting. Help me continue this success by sending me what you have. It may not appear very interesting to you, but my viewing figures, now approaching 400 sets of eyeballs a day, confirm that it is of great interest to the membership, and owners worldwide

Thank you for your support.

Richard Hyde


(revised October 2013)