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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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1939 Newsome Avon in USA

Newsome-Avon SS100 in USA

This photograph of the Newsome-Avon SS100 DHC was taken in 1968.

Photo courtesy of Dick Strever's website

I have interrogated Paul Newsome, one of our committee members, to see what he call recall of this car. The story goes like this: 

His father, Sammy Newsome, ran a successful Motor dealership in Coventry before World War two. They sold Standard and SS ( and other marques)  and Sammy raced SS100's in competition. He was also friendly with William Lyons and tried to persuade him to build other variations of the SS100. This, Bill Lyons was reluctant to do, so Sammy set about it himself. He sketched out the specification and outline of the car that he wanted and went to Avon coachworks in Warwick to ask them to build it. They turned his sketches into complete bodywork and mounted it on SS100 chassis bought in from Lyons. Two cars were completed and you can follow the story of one of them by following this link.

My thanks go to Peter Lee, who informed me of this site in the USA:

If anyone knows what happened to the other car, please tell us about it on the Standard Forum

November 2013

I have received this email from Dick Strever about the cars:


On this page you ask about car #2 which actually is car #1, I have the body remains of it also, very little left after Dave Barber converted it to a plain Jane SS100


Dick Strever