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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Heavy April showers don't stop a successful Drive It Day mission. From the Lancashire and Cheshire meeting points we had as many as 27 vehicles out on show that wet Sunday April 22nd, all advancing onto the Aviation Viewing Park at Manchester Airport. For our Concorde was patiently waiting for us all, as the offer of a special tour of the aircraft provided exclusively for the Manchester Standard Triumph Group (MSTG).

The lounge at the Bears Paw saloon in High Leigh Cheshire was actually full by 10.30 Sunday morning, with 28 of us all enjoying a bacon breakfast and coffee. Whilst it was still bucketing down with rain on our cars waiting outside in the car park, it was a very comfortable place inside to natter and to receive our route instructions from our organiser, John Clarke. By that time, some 30 miles North above Manchester, the other contingent was already on the road leaving the Pack Horse Inn near Bury and carefully circumnavigating around the big Premier League match at Old Trafford, where Manchester United were playing Everton (a 4-4 goal result). Standards, Triumph, and a variety of other marques from vintage to the 1980s, all made their way along the planned routes, through urban streets and the finest Cheshire countryside to converge at the runway centre.

Credit should be given to Ian Fox who made that difficult journey down in the heavy rain from Bury, along with the other cars with his vintage 1928 Willys Overland Crossley Whippet. This fine car was originally built by Crossley Cars in Heaton Chapel, Stockport. This 2199cc powered upright saloon was designed by Willys Overland in America, and kits of mechanical parts were exported for assembly all around the world. The body panels will have been fabricated by Crossley. Its early brakes are just rod activated, and its wheels are actually wooden spoked like a cart, however in its day the car was renowned for being fast and safe, hence the "Whippet" name!

At the airport MSTG had been given special permission to park our cars right along the outside of the new Concorde hanger to maximise our public exposure, and to add some additional interest for the many visiting public the site attracts. Various civil aircraft, including huge Jumbo 747's, busily taxied right past us on the other side of the fence before climbing into a clearer and sunnier sky towards global destinations. Whilst we all sought lunch in the large restaurant, and were then ready to inspect the many famous old aircraft on display. A Nimrod, DC-10, Trident and Avro RJX have all been accumulated within this fascinating open air museum, and only Concorde G-BOAC enjoys the secure weather protection from within the specially built hangar that serves as an innovative business exhibition and conference centre.

It was all a nice mix of historic aviation and automotive transport, and a coming together of yet another interesting Drive it Day for our MSTG members.

Andrew Davis

MSTG Media Manager

June 2012