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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Manchester STG at EventCity, the premier Northern classic car show.

Trevor Walker with his fabulous and very original TR2

It really felt like we were driving to a summer outdoor show -  in the early month of March!  For it was the start of a very warm weekend outside, and a very good show inside at the 2nd year Classic Car Spectacular at Event City Manchester 24-25 March. The Manchester Standard Triumph Group (MSTG) secured a club stand amongst the dozens of other clubs visiting from all over the UK. We found some 500 rare classic cars on display and a selection of trade stalls, at the new event and exhibition centre which is part of the mega shopping palace at The Trafford Centre.

right: Phil Barrett and his Vanguard

We secured some concessionary discount tickets, and with free parking this offered an attractive proposition to see such a wide collection of road going vehicles. Including so many colourful micro cars on the Heinkel Trojan Club stand, and an extended Mini built as a functioning hearse. In contrast   huge US muscle cars, and a V8 land speed record machine. There was the 50th birthday celebration for the many Mk 1 Ford Cortina’s that turned out, and we spotted Stan Gilford's magnificent 1926 Stratford-bodied Standard SLO4 on the Pre-1940 Triumph Owner's Club stand.

left: Stan Gilford got lost and ended up on the wrong stand!

MSTG decided this year to put on a broad variety of Standards and Triumphs on the stand covering three decades, including Pauls Nethercott’s 1974 Dolomite, Phil Barrett’s Standard Vanguard 1959, David Lucas’s Standard Atlas campervan 1962, Graham Lomas’s Triumph Vitesse 1968 and Trevor's Walker's Triumph TR2 1954. With a building support pillar right in the middle of the MSTG stand this reduced the number of cars we hoped to display, however we found the pillar very useful to nail our two SMC flags to. Fortunately we acquired some extra space thanks to the adjacent the MG club, and we had secured individual entries for Graham Hart's 1938 Standard Flying 12,  for open class members Sandie and Mel Fellow's 1935 Lanchester LA10 Sports Coupe,  for my 1932 Standard Big 9 in order to accommodate us all.

right: Graham Hart's superb Flying 12

Interesting snippets about our cars:  Trevor Walker, who is known in SMC circles for his prize winning Super Ten, brought along the 1954 TR2 as one of the rare 'long door' models from early in the production run. Grahams Standard Flyer proudly presented two magnificent trumpet horns protruding through the front wings as a factory built special exclusively for the Police Force. The magnificent ‘pram hood’ Lanchester showed all the qualities of its Daimler pedigree with a pre selector gearbox, and was successfully voted the best pre 1950 car in the show.

left: Atlas Caravanette

right:  Literature display

Thanks to all those that came along to EventCity. In particular to Phil and Lynda Homer who came up to provide valuable support on our stand with a set of very interesting literature to display. I was pleased to secure a 1931 edition of Autocar cover advertising the First Big British 1932 Programme, and pictorially anticipating the Standard Big 9 Mark 3 coming off the production line (and not the Mark 4!). It was a very good early spring weekend, to start the 2011 motoring season.  

Below:Andrew Davis's Big 9

Andrew Davis

MSTG Media Manager


Thanks for the Show report Andrew,

During the Show, Andrew and I were discussing the differences between the four different Marks of the Standard Big 9, that is the Mks 1, 2, 3 and 4. We both really should get out more often.........

Anyway, we made a few notes on the Day, which I will publish. Perhaps then other Big 9 owners will chip in and tell us where we are wrong and the full extent of the differences.

Phil Homer

April 2012