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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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AGM Changes to the Club's Committee

One of purposes of the Club's AGM is to democratically elect the Committee that runs your Club. Any paid-up member of the Club can run for any committee position. To try to encourage fresh blood, a third of the committee is forced to stand down every third year, which means that the whole committee could be changed within a three year period.

Unfortunately there are never enough new candidates to achieve this, so that results in officers often being elected unopposed. Please consider if you have enough time to offer to help on the Club's committee so that this doesn't happen

The following officers stood down this year but offered themselves for re-election. As no one came forward they were re-elected unopposed.

They were:

Dennis Brown, as DVLA Representative

Brian Parkes, as Spares Sourcing Officer

Paul Newsome

In addition, the Treasurer, Beatrice Pounder, stood down and did not wish to be re-elected. In the absence of any nominations, the post will be filled temporarily by the Chairman, Paul Newsome, who will continue also with the Chair. 

Graham Hart

The Regalia Officer, Beatrice Pounder, stood down and did not wish to be re-elected. Graham Hart had put himself forward for this role and was elected unopposed.

If someone feels they have the skills required to fulfil the Treasurer's role, please contact the Chairman as soon as possible for more information.

Conan Lewis had been co-opted onto the committee earlier in the year and his position as Officer without Portfolio was ratified

For a look at all the Committee, click here

Phil Homer

May 2012