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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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International Rally - Sunday's activities

Part of the Lineup of Flying Standards and Derivatives

Report on the Static Rally at Stratford Manor Hotel

Once again the organisers managed to arrange for the hottest day of the year! The first test on arrival was to actually find the rally field! It was well hidden up a woody lane next to the hotel, but with the help of a few extra signs members soon began to find it. Actually there was more than 20 acres, so we only needed to use the flatest part.

By 10am, lots of cars had started to arrive, rally control was open and the Regalia store was doing brisk business. Not to mention the raffle. This was well supported and (though the accounts have not yet been finalised) the proceeds from this usually make the difference between profit or loss for the whole event. So the Club thanks everyone who bought strips of tickets on the day.

As is our normal practice the cars were lined up in their classes - 12 classes this year. The new class was for the Bristol Owners and Drivers Association (BODA), so many of them turned up that it was worth creating a class specifically for them. Thanks for coming along, we hope you enjoyed the event? I look forward to hearing from you!

Very rare Phase 1 Vanguard Pickup recently restored by John Huckle

Line up of early Vanguards at Stratford Manor

1934 Standard 9 2 door Saloon

With a relentless sun beating down, there was a constant hum of members swapping stories and comparing notes. This is all part of the attraction of the rally, members often learn tips and tricks that they can take home and employ in their own projects. If you are not there, then you can't  learn. And members can swap spares or buy them from the Club's spares officers - all of whom were present on the day.

Brian Parkes in particular reported that he was so busy dealing with members questions that he never had time to look round the cars properly himself.

1934 10 Saloon

Big 9 belonging to Frank Williams

Flying 10 belonging to Graham Hyde

Teignmouth Van

Standard 8

"I'll park it just where I want!"

For those that wish to participate , there is a concours competition which is judged by the owners in the same class. This applies to all the classes where there are sufficient entries, but not to the Open Class and Master Class which are judged by independent experts. The independent judges also decide which of the cars that have been voted the winner in their class go forward to to compete for "Car of the Show" and a small number of additional prizes.

Lineup of Standard 10's

With so many cars present, this can only be a representative sample of the cars. My apologies if yours is not included.

The prizewinners results are shown on another page

Read more about the International Rally here

Report by Phil Homer

July 2011