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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Report on a Triumph Sports Six Rally

TSSC Standard Triumph Weekend

Ian Leggett's newly restored Vanguard Phase II

At the Standard Triumph Day at Duxford in May an invitation was made to attend the TSSC Standard Triumph Weekend at Wicksteed Park in Northants. As I was not able to take the Vanguard to Duxford and went in the Acclaim instead, I felt that the opportunity should not be missed to take the Vanguard to represent Standard as soon as possible. So on July 5th we took the 70 mile trip on a glorious Sunday morning in a gleaming newly painted Vanguard Phase 11. We being the two 10 year old grandchildren. This is the type of venue I knew they would like. As soon as we arrived we were greeted by the organiser Adam Easton, and put in a prominent position with the many Triumphs already on show. Within minutes many Triumph owners were admiring and reminiscing about their family and Vanguard days. Certainly no "them and us" at this event. After a while it was time to let the grandchildren do what they wanted most, go on the numerous rides. After a picnic in the sun, including a quick rain shower which sent most people running to put up hoods on the open cars (only a five minute one) I stayed with the friendly owners for a while while the children went back to their fun.

I was impressed by the social side to this Area Group and the 3 day event which was drawing to a close with prizes and a raffle, and a prize for the car with the dirtiest wheels, and one for the car you would most like to take home, that I promised to try and get some more Standards to join us at next years event whenever that may be. Three photos are attached to show the fine range of vehicles on show.

Long live Standard Triumph.

Report by Ian Leggett.

Below, general view of the Rally Field

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