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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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First Prize for a 1934 Standard 10

Club Member scoops "Car of the Show"

Colin Fry and his award winning Standard 10

Standards at Killerton Classic Car Day - 6th June 2009

The Classic car day started off dry and sunny and really was a perfect rally day, giving no clues to the terrible weather suffered by some of our members just the day before.

The weater man had said Saturday was going to be rainy in Devon, but Brian and Dorothy Murrish who set off in their 1924 Kenilworth had no idea just how bad the weather was going to be when they left sunny Cornwall the day before the show, with their friends in their 1928 Austin Chummy.

On reaching the Devon and Cornwall border they ran into the expected rain but I am sure what they weren’t prepared for was just how heavy it was and the fact that it continued for the rest of the day, will into the evening, causing localized flooding and making their journey that much more difficult.

They all arrived at their accommodation to find the doors closed and Ann ran up and down the road until they could find a signal to ring the landlady to let them in, cold and wet. So much for flaming June!

When we left Exeter that evening to join them all at the Butterleigh Inn, near Bickleigh for a meal, I had my own concerns about the reported flooding in the lanes around the area even with the modern car. However we felt we had to make the effort as Brian, Dorothy and their friends had made the fantastic effort to be at the event. According to Brian thought, it was all worth it, for the huge English breakfast he enjoyed the following morning.

In the morning at Killerton, we were pleased to meet up with our newest member Tim Retter, who was there with his lovely original Standard 8 and was more than willing to help set up the pitch and gazebo. We had two gas burners constantly in use throughout the day and many a cup of tea was consumed by club members and friends, thanks to the tea boy Chris!

Click on any of the thumbprints to see an enlargement:

34 10 and Little 9

1924 V3 Kenilworth

General view of the Club's Stand

There was a very good representation of the marque at the show, with seven Standards proudly lined up besides the club gazebo.

The site was excellent, the sun was out and so were the great british public. The organizers said it was in fact a bumper year with lots of exhibitors, despite two other rallies taking place on the same day with loads of people through the gate. Showing that a little ran doesn’t stop the great British public having a good day out.

Postwar cars with their owners

Prewar cars with their owners

Tim Retter's Standard 8

The icing on the cake was Colin Fry winning the best in the show (as decided by the exhibitors themselves – with self judging) with his 1934 Standard 10 and his impressive collection of period memorabilia.

All the members enjoyed the venue set in the grounds of a National Trust property and we all hope to return next year including those club members who visited us on the day, who have cars currently under restoration. These included John Garrard and Alan and Hazel Skinner and their family. We did feel though that we were beginning to all show our age when one of our younger members spotted a Datsun Bluebird in the display, which he used to sell when they were brand new!!

All in all a great day out for the Devon and Cornwall section.

Below, Colin Fry is presented with his award by the Show's organiser

Report by Linda Bowden

Photos by Brian Murrish, John Pine, Colin Fry