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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Triumph Marque Day

Report on the Standard Triumph Marque Day at Duxford.

Part of the Club stand at Duxford in very bright sunlight

Only a dozen or so Standards turned up, so that's a shame, but the majority of you missed the best day's weather so far this year and a very enjoyable day out at one of the most interesting venues in the Country.

The cars started arriving early and by the time Lynda and I arrived in the Flying 12 a gaggle of Standards were already gathered in our specially reserved area in the centre of things, right between the Land Warfare Hall and the American Airforce Memorial Hall, on the grass next the runway. 

Of course we were well outnumbered by Triumphs, I think that by the end of the day there must have been 600 cars there, all but our dozen of them Triumph badged.

But what we lacked in quantity we certainly made up for in quality as the associated photographs show. 20's and 30's Standards were represented as were Flying Standards. Postwar we had Vanguard 1 and 1a, and Phase 3 plus a Standard 8 and a Standard 10. The later belonged to Trevor Walker who would have won the distance award ( if only we had one ) for his round trip of 300 miles. There was no Vanguard II, the most likely candidate was Ian Leggett, unfortunately his car is being repainted at the moment so he came in his Triumph Acclaim.....

Twin aerobatic aeroplanes gave us an impromtu flying demonstration. We have never seen planes flying so close together. Lynda is convinced they touched at one point. A section of their show was aerobatics with one plane the right way up and the other upside down at each others wingtips, how dangerous is that?

Other displays were from a B17 bomber, a Spitfire and a Catalina Flying boat, surely one of the prettiest planes ever built.

At 1pm there was a presentation of the Harry Webster Award. This is an award for the person who has done the most to further the aims of the Standard-Triumph movement during the previous year. As you will recall, this was won last year by our very own Brian Parkes for his work with the Pre-48 Standard Spares. This year it was the turn of Mike Fisher of the Stag Owners Club who has been a stalwart in arranging Club events and for Project Managing the remanufacture of cylinder heads for the Triumph Stag. 

The proposed protocol was that the prize would be presented by the previous winner to this year's recipient. Unfortunately Brian wasn't able to be present to hand over the trophy, so the honour was performed by the Club's chairman. You can see him and the new Winner Mike Fisher in the photograph.

In his acceptance speech, Mike acknowledged that although he had been an active member of the Club for many years he had only got really involved after he had retired. This had given him the time he needed to concentrate on helping the Stag Owners Club. He encouraged others in a similar position to do the same for their favourite Club.

The STMD will be at another interesting venue next year, keep an eye on these pages to find out where

The next important event is the Tatton Park Show

Below: The presentation of the Harry Webster Award