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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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West Midland's Group Seasonal Lunch 

West Midlands Sunday Lunch

Bristol Classic Car Show


The Bristol group had three cars on display at the Bristol Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet.We had Ron Fishlocks Big 9, Alan Lewis' Basic 8,and John Garrods Little 9 rolling chassis/bodyshell partway through restoration.


Saturday and Sunday were very busy with all three cars attracting a lot of attention.Quite a few membership forms were handed out and two new members signed up.The sunshine also brought out many visiting classic cars,with several hundred parked outside, especially on Sunday. Monday was fairly quiet and we were all fairly relieved when the time came to pack up and head for home,although my long suffering V4 probably wondered what it had done to deserve being treated as a van and loaded up with the stand equipment.


My thanks must go to Bob and Val Richardson for all their help and the car owners who all went to considerable effort to make their cars available. Special mention should be made of the fact that John Garrod and Ron Fishlock also manned the stand for all three days.


Steve Smeltzer





Outsiders might think that attending a Classic Car Club meeting is dominated by talk of  camshafts, carburettors and clutches. Nothing is further from the truth. The fact is that members and their families enjoy an active social scene brought together by a common interest, that just happens to be Standard Cars. You and your family could easily join in.

Sunday 25th January was the date for, not one, but two Sunday lunches run by different local groups of the Standard Motor Club. Elsewhere you will find a report on the Devon and Cornwall's meeting at Mary Tavy, but Lynda and I made our usual journey to this, the West Midlands Lunch.

This was held at Beckett's Farm, which is a Restaurant, Country Store and Butchers complex at Wythall, just south of the Birmingham Conurbation.

The 1935 Standard 10 is waiting for me to fit a new Exhaust system, just provided by the Club's Spares Scheme, and the Flying 12 DHC is laid up for the winter, so I am sorry to admit we attended in a "modern". The main thing was that we were there!

Around 30 people arrived, but I only spotted one Standard, that belonging to your Editor, Steve O'Hara who braved the elements in his 1929 Teignmouth. My apologies if anyone else turned up in a Standard, but I didn't spot them in the rather large carpark.

Most people opted for the rather substantial Carvery and very enjoyable it was.

Alan and May Withey, who have organised the event for more years than we can remember, said that this would be the last that they would organise, and the West Midlands Rally this year would also be the last that was under their control. The good news was that the West Midlands Rally will be entirely free this year so please come along. There was a round of applause in appreciation of the work that Alan and May had done for the Club. As Chairman, Peter Lockley commented: "We can't make you an Honorary Member, Alan, because you already are one!"

There is already a volunteer organiser for the Lunch, so hopefully this event will continue next year.

Here are most of the members enjoying their lunches. You can click on any of the photos to see an enlargement

Phil Homer

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