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Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Goodwood Revival

Standards at the 2008 Goodwood Revival

The following article has recently been received from Tony Pounder about an event that took place last September:

Tony's Standard 10 in the carpark at Goodwood

Drama in the Pits!

It’s September. It’s sunny and warm (gasp!) It must be the Goodwood Revival!

On the evening of Thursday 18th September, yours truly and my trusty little Standard 10, WHP 109, drove down to West Sussex, in eager anticipation of the forth coming weekend highlights; the recreation of the Goodwood Nine Hours with ‘50’s sports cars running until 8pm with lit headlights, and the St Mary’s race for ’50’s saloon cars featuring Ken and Lloyd McNeil’s Standard 10 and Dave Griffiths’ Standard Vanguard Phase 3. The hour and half journey from Bath was remarkably stress free, partly because extensive M27 road works around Salisbury limited traffic to 50mph, well within the capabilities of my little 10.

The following morning, after a hearty breakfast and removal of bird poo from the roof of the car (birds always prefer a well polished classic), I set off for Chichester and the Goodwood Motor Circuit. I usually attend all three days of the Revival using Friday for browsing and shopping as it’s the quietest day. After taking in the sights and smells, purchasing books and a period Monte Carlo entrant’s car badge, I made my way to the paddock to have a chat with Ken McNeil and to take some photos.

I was a bit disconcerted to find his Standard 10, race number ’10’ with its bonnet up and engine disassembled, the head and twin carbs lying beside the car. A holed piston had sidelined the car. Ken had new pistons promised for Saturday morning but wasn’t sure whether he could get them fitted and the engine together, in time for first part of the St Mary’s race. Whilst I hung around taking photos and generally getting in the way, I noticed many people inquiring about the state of the Standard and offering encouragement and support. Parked next to the racing 10 was the support vehicle: a Standard 10 pick up, XVS 130. This pick up has been upgraded with a 1500 engine, works style overdrive and disc brakes.

Standard 6cwt Pickup Tender

Standard 10 with Vanguard in pursuit

Tony Ponder next to the Ensign Taxi

I also spotted a well known 1960 Ensign club car: 720 HX dressed as a Taxi which was being used as VIP transport for the event.

On Saturday, 20th September I once again parked in the Classic Car Park and spied a pretty Pennant: 671 UXC basking in the sunshine. After lunch I picked a spot at Madgewick (the sharp right hand corner after the start / finish line) to watch the St Mary’s race. I should explain that this event is run over two days; on the first day the entered cars are driven by celebrities and "hot shoes" and on Sunday the same cars are driven by their owners. I watched the cars roll out for the parade lap. The Vanguard was being driven by Jochen Mass; that’s Jochen Mass one time F1 driver and winner of the 1975 Spanish GP! Much to my delight and surprise out also trundled the little 10! Frantic work by Ken and the boys had got it all back together again, although in their haste it was running a bit rich. It was driven by Rauno Aaltonen, probably best known for his exploits in the red and white Minis in the sixties and winner of many rallies including the RAC and Monte Carlo. The commentator (snidely, in my opinion) remarked that he bet Rauno never guessed he would end up in one of "those cars"! Why is it that our cars attract these sorts of comments from people who have never driven them? Once the race started it was brilliant to watch the Vanguard being drifted through Madgewick by Mass. The little 10 was gamely driven by Aaltonen but stayed towards the rear. The exciting race was brought to a dramatic halt after lap 6 when Tony Jardine slammed the A35 into an Austin A95 Westminster causing it to partially roll. Thankfully no-one was hurt. Out of eighteen finishers, Mass was a creditable eleventh in the Vanguard whilst Aaltonen was sixteenth in the 10.

The last race of the day, the Freddie March Memorial Trophy, (a recreation of the Goodwood Nine Hours) finished about 8pm. In the dusky gloom, as I made my way back to the car park, I heard the unmistakable sound of a Standard 10 and I just caught a glimpse of a two tone 10: PBK 126. Luckily the next day I found this car parked in the Classic Car Park.

Standard 10, PBK126

Standard Pennant , 671 UXC

Racing 10 in the pits

On Sunday the weather was hot and sunny as on the previous two days. At my wife’s request I watched from the Lavant straight. In the second part of the St Mary’s race we were treated to a number of cars spinning; I think a previous race had spread oil over the Lavant Corner. One spinning car, an Austin A40, narrowly missed a Jaguar that had to take to the grass to avoid the errant Austin. Ken’s 10 was also caught out and spun two or three times. Later, Ken told me that he was scared that the car was going to turn over! This time, out of seventeen finishers, Dave’s Vanguard finished thirteenth and Ken’s 10 finished fourteenth. Overall for the two races combined the Vanguard finished twelfth and the 10, thirteenth.

After a few more races the Goodwood Revival was over for another year. My 10 performed faultlessly over the three days, ferrying Beatrice and I between the hotel and the circuit and making the long return journey from Bath to Chichester. I spotted seven standards altogether, including my own car and the two racing Standards, but I’m sure there were others. I missed a "hippy" 10 that was part of one of the set scenes but fortunately Ken was able to provide a photo.

Roll on next year!

Tony Pounder

Racing Vanguard in the Pits

Hippy Standard 10

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