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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Mr and Mrs Webmasters Great Western Tour

Flying 12 DHC goes on its holidays Part 2

Day 2: The 70th Anniversary of the Flying 8 - Beaulieu - August 9th - Part 1

Alan Kingston's Postwar Eight Tourer

Day 2 was relatively easy for us:

After a leisurely breakfast we set off for Beaulieu, which turned out to be a journey of just 17 miles. The hood was down, as is our usual fashion, even though the rain was already threatening. We arrived at Beaulieu shortly before 10am and found the rest of the cars gathering on the tarmac in front of the National Motor Museum. The many of you that attend the Annual Autojumble will know this as the area where the cars for sale are normally parked and it is a very busy area on that weekend.

Today was much quieter and before long it started to rain, so it was hoods up all around and into the Gazeebo that was thoughtfully provided for this contingency ( certainty, according the weather forcast)

And then it rained for the rest of the day!

However I was able to photograph a number  of the cars attending before the heavens opened. You can click on any of the thumbprints to see an enlargement:

Flying 8 Saloon,  David Lovering

Bob and Val's Standard Avon 10 Coupé

The Big 9 belonging to Mr nd Mrs Bagshaw 

Dolomite belonging to Martin Cox

Barry Watson brought his Flying 12 

Close to the Webmaster's Flying 12 DHC

A Rare Flying 8 DHC owned by Eddie Holley

Peter Lockley's Standard 8

John Maxwell's Triumph 2000             

A visitors Huson Terraplane

The rain got steadily worse so the attendees amused themselvesby visiting the adjacent Museum and Restaurant and this help pass the time until after lunch. The gazebbo collapsed and nearly blew away, saved by a few quick - whitted members who were standing nearby! A couple of our more senior members were allocated to judge the cars in  range of classes. You can see the outcome on the next page, which I will publish shortly.

Phil Homer.

Reporting from the Dolphin Hotel, Beer, Devon

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