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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Mr and Mrs Webmasters Great Western Tour

Flying 12 DHC goes on its holidays Part 3

Day 2: The 70th Anniversary of the Flying 8 - Beaulieu - August 9th - Part 2

Lord Montagu of Beaulieu presents the Prizes

Left to right outside the National Motor Mueum at Beaulieu for the Prizegiving: Peter Lockley, Chairman of the Standard Motor Club, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Geoff Catermoul, Winner of "Car of the Show", Darrell Cunningham, New Forest Group organiser, and the Postwar Eight Tourer, winner of "Car of the Show"

Continued from Part 1:

Lord Montagu arriving

Despite the rain, at 3.30pm we were delighted to greet Lord Montagu, who was driven from the house by Darrell Cunningham in a Standard Flying Eight Tourer. By this time the winners of the six classes had been identified and were collected together for his Lordship's inspection. Also, we had assembled the prizes and all the day's participants under the canopy outside the museum itself so that we could all be in a dry place for the presentations. Having made his decision, Lord Montagu made the first presentation to the car of the Show, the Flying 8 belonging to Geoff Cattermoul, pictured above.

Geoff Cattermoul also won the Best Postwar Standard 8 prize

Winner of the Best Other Standard 1903-1963 was Bob Richardson with his 1934 Standard Avon 10

Winner of the Prize for the Best 50's Eight and Ten was Peter Lockley

Winner of the best Non Standard entry was Mr Banister in his MG VA

Winner of the Best Standard Triumph award was the TR2 owned by Peter Cathie

Darrell Cunningham won the award in the category oif best Prewar Standard 8

Despite the atrocious weather, everyone seemed to have a good time! When will summer arrive? The Club owes Darrell Cunningham a great debt of gratitude for organising such a good show at such a prestigious venue.

We returned to the Holiday Inn for our second night's stay.

Mileage, day 2 - 45 Miles

Phil Homer.

Reporting from the Dolphin Hotel, Beer, Devon

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