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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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49th Standard International Rally

Report on Friday's Events

Cars Gathering for the Friday Evening Roadrun


The day began early for me as I had to be on site by10.30am.

Although the Contractors who were delivering the Toilet and those delivering and erecting the marquee both had written instructions and a map showing where to put them, both had insisted that someone was there to tell them precisely where they should be located. That was my job, apparently I am good at telling people where to go...............

The toilet arrived first and was craned off the back of a lorry, filled with water and consumables. It looked a little lonely in the middle of a very big field as none of the campers had arrived yet

The marquee arrived next and the driver and his mate set about erecting it. The process was quite time consuming, using a metal detector first to ensure there were no services underneath before erecting the metal frame then the covering.

The cars started to arrive by mid afternoon by which time Steve O'Hara had placed out a number of signs indicating where Club Members should gather prior to the evening run.

All very mundane happenings of course,  but serve to illustrate some of the advance planning that has to take place before a National Rally to ensure it takes place smoothly at the weekend.

Photos of cars awaiting the start of the Blue Lias Roadrun:

(click on any thumbprint to see an enlargement)

Amongst the early arrivals were Corrie and Bob Heijnes who had travelled from Holland in their early sliding window 8 and Dirk and Diana Cornelious with Fritz the Dog and their Standard 8 from Flanders.

As more cars arrived, the weather got colder, mostly caused by a fierce wind that swept the open Polo Field site. So we were grateful to set off on the Roadrun. This was a delightful run through the villages of South Warwicshire.

Peter Lockley had arranged special basket meals at the Blue Lias. This allowed us to be served quickly even though there were over 65 sitting down to dinner. The display of Standards in the car park proved of great interest to the locals.

The photos above show participants socialising before the evening meal.

As everyone was served before sunset, we were able to get away before dark. Deviating for petrol in the Flying 12 were rewarded with an uninterrupted run down a traffic-free Fosseway back to the Park at Charlecote. End of a splendid Standard day out.

Photos and report by Phil Homer

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