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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Standard Triumph Marque Day at Prescott

Standards at the STMD

The Standard Line - Up in the Paddock at Prescott

Replacing the event at Brooklands for the last two years, this was the combined event for all Standard and Triumph Cars for 2008. The Stag Owners Club, TR Register and Triumph Sports Six Club organised the event on behalf of the Standard-Triumph Forum. As no one club could afford to hire the venue for a day the risk was taken by these three clubs and it was known that about 300 cars would be required in order to break even.

The fun actually started on Saturday, based on Toddington Railway Station. We set off from Stow in the 1934 10 again, this time with friends Joe and Pam in yet another TR4A behind us. Unfortunately we were unable to pass the "Plough" at Ford, the cars just seemed to turn into the carpark! And a very smart idea it was as we were served a fantastic lunch lubricated by Donnington's Bitter. Thus it was 3pm before we arrived at Toddington and we were amongst the last to set off on the roadrun.

The route card showed a total distance of over 60 miles, so we decided that was too far for us, so we would follow the route just for the first 25 miles which just happened to take us through Stow. The route took us through Broadway, Willersley, Aston Sub Edge, Chipping Campden, Bourton on the Hill, and then via Moreton on Marsh to Stow. By this time it was raining quite hard and as Joe and Pam have NO HOOD on their TR, they were soaked and more than ready to give up! So it was back to the house to warm up with Tea and Carrot Cake!

We had also booked in for the Evening barbeque, so returned to Toddington around 6.30 pm. Those that had booked the Fish and Chip Supper on the train were hauled away at exactly 7.00pm, but we remained, huddled together to keep warm! It was well worth waiting, around 7.30 the results of the barbeque were available for everyone - chicken, steak, sausages, pork chops in generous potions with wine or beer - we needed the sustenance to keep out the cold! We were not too late going home to get warm again!

Brian Parkes's Standard 14

David Groom's Standard 9

Paul Newsome's Charlecote

Sunday dawned much brighter and we arrived at Prescott in good time. The SMC had been allocated a small area in the paddocks near to the start of the hillclimb. We were soon able to fill it up with Standards arriving all morning. This was the first time that the SMC has visited this famous venue.

The Teignmouth ( left ) is mechanicaly identical to the Selby Tourer ( right)

Two 1934 Standard 10's. Saloon (left) and Avon bodied Tourer (right)

Whilst as usual at these events we were outnumbered by Triumphs, nevertheless the Club put on a good display in a prominent position. All those attending were able to take part in a non-competitive run up the hill in a cavalcade of cars or to have a go at the real thing on their own. The oldest car to go up the hill was the 1923 V3 Kenilworth of Guy and Suzie Singleton, this,and other cars are also featured in some nice photos on the Forum 

Guy and Suzie Singleton's Kenilworth bodied V3

Standard Avon 9 with modified  Ford Model A engine

Dennis Brown takes the Selby up the hill

The occasion was also used to present the Harry Webster Award. This deservingly went to Brian Parkes our Spares Officer for pre-1949 cars. You can see a separate report here.

This event was organised by the Stag Owners Club, the TR Register and the Triumph Sports Six Club, on behalf of the Standard-Triumph Forum - and is a demonstration of what can be achieved by co-operation between like minded clubs. It was a popular success.

Those of you that missed this friendly and interesting event will have the opportunity to make amends next year. Keep a look out in the Events Calendar for it and book early for 2009.

Photos and Report by Phil Homer

I welcome reports and photos from Members at shows and events all over the country. Don't keep them to yourself, send them to the Webmaster so that the rest of the membership can see them