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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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Report on the Club's AGM, March  30th 2008

Report on the Annual General Meeting

Some of the cars gathered after the Road Run

The day started at Hoar Park Craft with a collection of cars around 10.00am. The waiting participants were starting to get a little concerned when the roadrun organiser arrived late ( No one had told Steve the that the clocks had changed by 1 hour!) Fortunately he did arrive to distribute the route cards and the party set off in the bright morning sunlight.

The destination, as for the last few years was the West Midlands Golf Club at Solihull where Lynda and I arrived at roughly the same time as the roadrun.

Lunch was either available as a carvery or as a Bar Snack which was our option. Members continued to arrive over the lunch period and we were then able to start the more formal proceedings of the day. These are not the formal minutes of the meeting, but on the agenda were reports from some of the committee members including the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer. The Treasurers report included the accounts for the 2007 which were proposed seconded and accepted by the meeting. The Membership Secretary's report indicated that club membership was increasing, in a climate where most Classic Car Clubs were seeing a contraction in numbers. 

Lynda Homer and Paul Newsome described the planning for the 2008 Internationl Rally at Charlecote and attention was also drawn to the important Standard- Triumph Marque Day at Prescott.

Some committee posts were up for re-election but no new nominations had been received for them. Therefore both Val Richardson as Treasurer and Paul Newsome as Member without Portfolio declared that they were prepared to carry on. The position of Publicity Officer had been vacant but a nomination had been received in the form of Darrell Cunningham. Although Darrell was not able to be present he had indicated a willingness to stand and was therefore duly elected. There is an introduction to Darrell here.

The committee was also able to announce a change in Manager of the 8/10 Spares Warehouse from Phil Birch to Tony Pounder. More detail of this will appear shortly elsewhere on this website.

A number of awards were made:

The first, the Chairman's trophy was presented jointly to Ian Leggett, Conan Lewis, Tina Walker, Peter Foster and Steve King for their organisation of the 2007 International at Denny Abbey

Next, the Editor presented the Editor's Cup to Bob Richardson for his work as the previous Editor of the Standard Car Review

Finally, the ABCD award ( ABove the Call of Duty ) was presented to Brian Parkes and Mike Beavis for their work on the Spares Service. Many will be aware of Brian's contribution to this area in the form of Spare parts provided but it was felt that Mike should also be honoured for provision of the stores warehouse and his help in setting it up.

The formal proceedings over, the committee and members present were able to socialise and partake in a super buffet and drinks before departure

A short video showing the cars arriving at the Golf Club and the scene inside the meeting room will be available shortly on SMCTV.

Photos and report: Phil Homer

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