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4 Prizes for the Club

Huge Success for the Standard Motor Club at the Autumn Malvern Show

Two of the four prizewinners at the Malvern show congratulate each other (!) on their success. Peter Lockley, left and Mike Wilks, right.

Malvern Shows have traditionally been associated with dull and wet October weather but this year was an exception. You can see from the photos that the sky was clear and sunny. There was a change of organiser from Ian Green to Andrew Greenwood, and the Club organiser, Peter Lockley, put on a stand on both the Saturday and the Sunday. He was rewarded with no less than 4 awards for the stand and its cars.

(Note: I remember the Club winning at least 4 awards at a Classic Car Show in Brighton in the 1980's. I will look back through the archives to see if it was that day, or this event that was the most successful in the history of the club stands at Classic Car Shows.)

Click on any of the below to see an enlargement:

Graham Hart with his Flying 10 and prize

The Brotherton collection

Postwar 8 Saloon

Lynda and I arrived on Sunday morning to find the Club display in pride of place next to the show arena. The organisers kept up a continual procession of vehicles through the arena  throughout the day, to a running commentary,  so there was plenty to interest the visitors.

Peter told me that the Club had already won two awards the previous day. Peter himself had won the (no doubt hotly contested) commercials and military section with his Vanguard Estate, whilst Graham Hart had won 2nd place in the Pre '50s vehicle section with his immaculately prepared Flying 10, that he had driven down from the Northwest for the weekend. I will feature this car on its own page shortly.

Soon we won another prize!

There was a rerun of the Commercials and Military Section, so Peter was called into the ring again, but with a larger selection of about 20 vehicles, including both of Patrick Brotherton's entries, his Standard 10 van and his Estate Car. Also present today was Mike Wilks's 7cwt Van which had just passed its MoT this week after a 9 months restoration. The judges conferred and it was Mike's Standard Pickup that won the Class! Again, I will feature the Pickup's restoration on its own page shortly. Here is Mike, looking pleased,  being interviewed by the Show Commentator:

Mike, tell this mike the secrets of your success.

After lunch we amused ourselves by searching through the comprehensive Autojumble, though there was lots of it, I didn't find much for any of my cars.

I am told that the numbers of exhibitors and public were up by a long way on the Sunday and the autojumble was pretty good. Ass we had over 100 miles to get home, we set off fairly early and it wasn't until the following day that Peter phoned me to say that we had been awarded Stand of the show, our fourth prize of the weekend!. He wanted to make sure that all four prizes got mentioned on the website, so here I am fulfilling that promise. Well done to Peter and everyone that brought their car over the weekend.

General View of the Club's Stand on Sunday

The first Malvern event next year will be a one day show on Sunday 13 April. The booking form with payment details has not yet appeared on the Andrew Greenwood website but Peter  fully intends to organise a stand so if any member wishes to provisionally book please could they send him a SAE, their full name, address and phone nos. ,details of their car and a cheque for £2.50 payable to the Standard Motor Club. If Greenwoods increase the advance fee per car I will collect any balance on the day.

Peters address is in any Club magazine.

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