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"Drive It" Day 2007

Club Car wins prize at the Fantastic Brooklands Event

Part of the Line-up of Standard cars outside the Brooklands Clubhouse

April 22nd was "Drive It Day" so no doubt many of you would have had your Standards out to show them to the appreciative public. Amongst other events, for which I welcome reports, the Club supported the STAB, Standard Triumph at Brooklands event, organised by the Triumph Sports Six Club on behalf of the Standard-Triumph Forum. This is Brooklands Centenary year.

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The 1934 10 arrives at Brooklands, parkes next to an SLO4

So it was an early start for Lynda and I, who decided to take the 1934 10 saloon. The most direct route is via the M25, but that is a pretty frightening venture even at 8am on a Sunday morning in a 73 year old, so we opted for what we thought would be an easier option.

Our route from St. Albans took us into London on the old A5 Watling St. as far as the North Circular Road, then around to Kew Bridge, all fairly quiet at that time. Then on urban A roads through Richmond, Kingston on Thames, Walton on Thames and via Weybridge to the Brooklands venue. For thought that an hour and 50 minutes for that journey was a good achievement and we were only caught out by two "raised" zebra crossings that we hit before

we were aware of what they were. These obstructions have no place on A roads I hope you agree. Someone should start a petition against them, as was done for the Road Pricing campaign!

As last year, all Standards were given pride of place in the enclosure immediately outside the old Clubhouse - the multitudes of Triumphs and TRs that arrived had to lean up against various fences around the site! So we were a centre of interest and managed to put on a good display - some of the cars you can see photographed here. It was particularly good to see old friends David Kemp in his Avon and John Boreham in his Flying 9, a couple of members that we haven't seen for several years. Barry Watson piloted all 2 tons of the 1910 model G from Aldershot whilst Len Barr brought the 1913 Rhyl up from Malmesbury. In fact the  Barr family arrived in force in no less than three Standards, the Rhyl, a 1935 10 and Pennant. 

The Standard Model G outside the Clubhouse

Two good looking Vanguards were able to park next to each other with Ian Leggett arriving from deepest Suffolk. Must mention Mark Denton in the other. Bravest of all was Paul Newsome who managed a 200 mile round trip from Rugby in the 1924 Charlecote. A Vignale Vanguard, Standard 8 and a Swallow Dorretti completed our diverse display.

John Boreham's Flying 9

Vanguard I and II

Phase III and Standard 10

Those of you who havn't been able to visit Brooklands yet really should try to do so. The Concorde has now been completely reassembled and painted in BA period livery. It has  been joined by its half-scale model, until recently this stood on the traffic island immediately outside the Heathrow tunnel but has now been "retired". There are splendid aircraft, motoring and cycling museums in the period restored buildings all over the site. Add to that, cars were able to tackle the 1 in 4 testhill just as they could in the 20's and 20's. No Standards attempted it, probably best not to cause embarrassment!

Above: Pennant, 1935 Standard 10 and a Triumph tackles the Brooklands Test Hill

Below: The Model S Rhyl won Best Prewar Car

Blessed with excellent weather all day, this was a most enjoyable event. Unfortunately almost everyone's homeward journey would have been more fraught, if our experience is anything to go by - as the traffic in West London and environs becomes very congested on Sunday evenings. The 10 never missed a beat, even if the reverse route did take a further hour that this morning's journey.

This will be the last S-T Forum event at Brooklands, If early plans come to fruition, the equivalent marque day will be at Prescott Hill Climb near Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. There is no date fixed yet but watch the Events list for more  information as soon as it is available.

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