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Standard Register Rally


Participants on the Standard Register Rally, (well, most of them), outside the Old Rectory Hotel

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This year's event was centred on the village of Wem, north of Shrewsbury,  Shropshire. Owners of pre 1931 cars began arriving on Thursday afternoon and by dinnertime 11 participants were gathered for Dinner. 

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Arthur Paddock's Big 9 was a new visitor

The Model S Rhyl belonging to Geoff Downing

Ray Martin's two seater on the 9 chassis

David and Harry Groom's Gordon England Tourer

Len Barr, the organiser, had reserved rooms in the Old Rectory Hotel, a recently refurbished Country House Hotel in the village of Wem, a village in rural Shropshire

Thursday was a leisure day, I first spent an hour cleaning out the carburettor on the SLS to try to lower the tickover speed, but on reassembly, it was ticking over almost as fast. Does anyone have any suggestions about what might be wrong? Lynda and I then checked out one or two venues in the Shropshire area, looking for a suitable venue for the 2008 International Rally. By the time we returned to Wem, almost all of the other participants had arrived and took part in the first formal dinner of the event. 

Len welcomed newcomers to the rally, including Alfred Breth, who was attending from Vienna, Austria, where he is attempting the restoration of the a Standard Model V2. This is the only known survivor of a production run of 1000 and  I hope to feature it's restoration shortly on this website.

Welcome Speech from Len Barr

Saturday was the main day, which consisted of a roadrun for all the cars through rural lanes in Shropshire, then over the Dee into Wales. Blessed by glorious sunshine all the way, the cars and their owners enjoyed quiet lanes and byways. avoiding all A-roads and traffic congestion. The lunch stop was at the "Cross Lanes Hotel" familiar to Lynda and I as a regular watering hole on the late lamented Llangollen Rally. In the afternoon we visited the National Trust property at Erdigg. Whilst the majority of the participants toured the house, I was supervising my team of mechanics who had decided that the contact breakers on the SLS's magneto needed adjustment. That must have done the trick, as the car started easier after that.  The weather continued to favour us as we made the run back into England to enjoy our last evening at Wem.

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Guy and Suzie Singleton's Teignmouth

John and Kate Condor's SLS

Paul Newsome brought Robert Browett and the Charlecote SLO4

Stan and Christine Gilford's Stratford 

The Webmaster's SLS

The Model S Rhyl belonging to Barry Weatherhead

Len Barr's Model S 

Michael Hilditch's Model SLO

Dinner on Saturday was attended by all the participants. Short speeches were followed by a prizegiving, then  gifts for all the participants - all of whom, our SLS included, had completed the course!

Sunday was an equally agreeable  day.  After breakfast, a second shorter roadrun had been arranged to Hawksmoor Park Follies. The cars were all parked in the "Grand Valley" whilst the occupants were able to stroll around the collection of Follies. Unlike so much of the summer so far, we were able to enjoy the roofs down in bright sunshine. The return trip to the Old Rectory followed, goodbye to our friends and then load the trailer for the long haul back down the motorway.

This Standard Stratford could just have delivered its party of guests for a Country weekend

Many thanks from all the participants, to Len for the organisation and roadruns, and everyone else that made the long weekend so enjoyable. We also owe a vote of thanks to John Blanckley, who, without his own car, was able to provide tail-end Charlie duties to all the others.

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