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"Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963"

Dedicated to the preservation of Standard Cars 1903-1963

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West Midlands Rally 2007

Worthy winners at the West Midlands Rally

Left to right - Peter Lockley, chairman, Alan Withey, organiser, David Eley, honorary guest, John and Maureen Russell, postwar prizewinners

For more years than we care to remember,  Alan Withy has organised the Club's annual rally in the West Midlands area, and this was no exception. Though recovering from a back operation, Alan was in good form, the rally had a large attendance and was a huge success.

The event was based on Hoar Park Craft Farm and Granary Antiques Centre near Nuneaton. Saturday saw an organised road run, devised by Steve O'Hara. Though I wasn't there to experience it, there appears to have been one or two minor mistakes ( which could only have been made by the participants, of course ) so that at one point cars were going in opposing directions. Whilst this isn't generally part of the plan, it does make for more interest and moving photo opportunities. If you have photos from the Saturday's events please send them to me so that I can add them to this report. ( thanks Steve - I have added these mow!)

On Sunday, Lynda and I were also privileged to ride in Steve O'Hara's recently acquired Teignmouth, at lunchtime. It will probably be no surprise to you that the destination was the nearest hostelry with real ale. I have to say the ride was most enjoyable, as was the beer! Steve is progressively buying older, then even older Standards, and this is to be commended as means of taxiing us to the pub!

We were privileged to have David Eley as our guest. David was the designer of the "SC" engine that started as 803ccs in 1953 which was subsequently developed to 948, 1147, 1296 and eventually 1500cc in the Spitfire, lasting into the 1980s The six cylinder derivative was also a huge success. It is good to see David so active and still so interested in the cars and the Club. David was on hand to present the prizes to the owners of the best cars, voted for by the attendees:

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Leaving Hoar Park for the Saturday Roadrun

Members enjoying dinner at Hoar Park     Three photos: Steve O'Hara

Below: Participants cars on Sunday

Below - Alan Withey with David Eley and Ivan Hancox, winner of the Best Prewar Car Trophy

Report and Photos: Phil Homer

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