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48th Standard International Rally

Report on Friday's Events

Standard 14  on the A!0 heading for Cambridge - the driver is Brian Parkes, his passenger is Mark Denton


Lynda managed to get away from her School early, so by 2.30pm we were able to set off from St. Albans for Cambridge in a small convoy. Lynda drove the 1934 Standard 10, Werner Maurer following in the Flying 8 DHC and myself with the 1919 SLS on a trailer, towed by the modern car. Werner had spent the previous evening with us en-route from Zurich. As usual, his Eight had no real problems during the journey, the extent of his issues being a lost screw in his front numberplate. This we had managed to replace by a trip to Halfords!

The journey to Denny Abbey had only two events, first a tailback of Friday afternoon traffic crawling out of London on the A1(M) served to slow us, secondly a huge downpour that slowed all the traffic again. We found the Denny Abbey site without problem, where we were presented with our welcome packs and said a few hellos. As time was moving on we moved  just a further mile or so northwards on the A10 to check into our bed and breakfast accommodation in the "Travellers Rest", a restaurant with rooms.  Returning with the cars to the site we were ready for the first of the local roadruns, which started at 6pm.

This consisted of a run down the A10 and then a route around all the major sites of Cambridge before ending up at a pub on the River Cam. Here the party was divided into two, one having an evening meal whilst the other half saw Cambridge from the River, then vice-versa. The weather stayed fine and so far as I am aware everyone made it without incident  The roadrun back was through open countryside and therefore somewhat shorter and less fraught.

The photos are mostly some of the 40 plus cars moving off on the roadrun. You can click on any of the pictures to see an enlargement. Note that all thumbnails and enlargements are digitally compressed so if you would like a printable version please contact the webmaster directly.

 A TR4A waiting for the Roadrun "off"

1934 10Hp and Vanguard Vignale Estate wait for the off.

Stag, Flying 8 DHC and Standard "10"

Atlas Pickup

Flying 12

Standard 8s

Flying 9


1934 10Hp

Photos and report by Phil Homer

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