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Werner 's survival kit

What the intrepid Swiss takes with him on his European tours

The Maurer Survival kit laid out on his garage floor

By email from:Volketswil, Switzerland, 17th October 2007

In response to a request from several members, Werner has sent me a list of the contents of his survival kit for publication. Fortunately none of the following were required this year, but who knows on other occasions? We look forward to seeing Werner at Charlecote in 2008.

My Standards survival kit

Apart from the tools which belong to the car I carry the following on my trips to England

Central car jack

5 lt. water

5 lt. oil


Luggage rubber band



box with emergency light

towing rope


folding water bucket

chamois leather

emergency vest

household aluminium paper

Meter,inch tool box

Box 1

2 fan belts

petrol tube

ignition cables


electrical wire

set of pipe clips

rubber water hose

set of bulbs

insulation tape

rubber gloves


4 pliers, different types

Swiss army knife


11 screw drivers, different sizes

WD 40

little saw

gauge for contact set and spark plugs

magnetic pencil

12 plastic cable clips (different sizes)

5 little spanners BA 0 – 8

electro measuring tool

Box 4

starter motor


fan blade

3 water hoses

Box 2

ignition coil

clutch release bearing

crown wheel and pinion

4 spark plugs

2 distributors

starter switch

control box Lucas

windscreen wiper motor

ignition switch with key

Box 3

with little boxes 1 and 2 and bigger box 3


decarbonising set

technical details (wiring plan etc.)

parts for dynamo and starter motor

2 fuel pumps


control-box Bosch

contact –set

starter pinion

little box 1 containing

various sizes of sealing rings

water tap

little box 2 containing

accelerator cable


screws metric, washers and nuts, different sizes

brake springs

electrical joints

bigger box 3


screws BSF, washers and nuts, different sizes

brushes for dynamo and starter motor

relays for flashers

condenser for ignition

I hope to see you next year in Stratford upon Avon.

Werner Maurer, Switzerland

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