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First Visit by the Club to Killerton House Show

Classic Car Show at Killerton House, Sunday 4th June 2006

Right to left: Steve Smeltzer's V4, Bob Richardson's Avon Tourer, Peter Starbuck's 50's Ten and Roger Sims' Avon Sports at Killerton House Rally.

We are always keen to try new events and especially ones held in very pleasant surroundings. Is was at one of our Bristol Group meeting,( 3 men and a packet of pork scratchings), we and Steve Smeltzer decided to support the Devon group at the National Trust property; Killerton House, nr Exeter.. Chris Bowden, the local organiser, was contacted and tickets, passes, etc. arranged.

To be there for the 10 am start meant a B&B the previous evening was necessary. The days of getting up at some unholy hour and then driving our pre-war tourer for a hundred or so miles, for us anyway, have long gone. Steve, with a vintage Standard, thought the same, so he took on the accommodation arrangements. The Butterleigh Inn, at Butterleigh of course, proved to be rather difficult to find in the Devon lanes, but it turned out to be an excellent choice.

En route to the venue on the Sunday morning we were overtaken by all these cads (old men re-living their youth; I had better keep quiet) in their sports cars only to catch them up at the entrance. It was a bit like the tortoise and the hare race. On entering the site we were immediately accosted by Chris Bowden, for they had a prime spot just inside the entrance and either side of a footpath that led to all the facilities. Having attended the Powderhan Castle show last year with this same group, we were greeted like old friends. On the stand the cars ranged from Steve Smeltzers 1927 SLO V4 through to the 50’s Eights and Tens taking in along the way Post Vintage, Flyers, a military Utility and a Triumph Mayflower. 12 cars in all. I think the only range not represented was the Vanguard. Where have they all gone? One of the nice things that a lot of people comment on is the variety of vehicles on Standard stands.

All in all we found this an excellent show. Staged at a superb venue. Well worth the travelling and effort to get there. The Devon group are very friendly and hospitable. It is always nice to see new faces and their different Standards. For the non-motoring ladies there was plenty to do. The house itself is worth a visit, boasting a costume exhibition. The gardens are notable for their several species of wild flowers and grasses.

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Report and Photos: Bob and Val Richardson

If anyone has photos of any of the other cars at this rally, I would be glad to receive them

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