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Your webmaster wins an award

Presentation at the  Best of British Festival, May 2006

The good-looking guy in the cool shades and leather jacket on the right is your webmaster - who is  the other guy that wandered into the picture !

The Webmaster was actually informed that he had won the Chairman's Cup at the AGM in April. I think this must be for the variety of the input,  the regularity with which it has been updated over the last 8 years and of course my ever-present modesty. Anyway, the cup was still with the previous winner, so I didn't get presented with it. Another opportunity was missed on the East Anglian event when it was so important it got left at home again. 

But, dear readers, I can now tell you that the Cup does exist and I now have it to polish for the rest of the year. I will publish a picture shortly just to prove it what the silverware looks like.

Many thanks guys, especially to those that voted on the website for me.

Photo by Lynda

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