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Another Major Award for your Club

Club wins Best Car Stand at the Best of British Festival!

An excellent Flying 12 Drophead Coupe and a couple of stray geezers

The "Best of British Show" is organised by the Magazine of the same name to celebrate the good things about Britain. Lots of good things, that we used to make, were here, like traction engines, double-decker buses, lorries and cars. We certainly don't make them now. They have all been outsourced to India or Eastern Europe where everyone works 100 hour weeks, gets paid  three and sixpence and is really obsessed by the quality of the product. Well done everyone!

All we seem to do is shut factories, write software games and build Internet businesses that sell services.  It seems like every other person now works for the NHS or Tesco. Obviously, we must be good at is being ill - or shopping.

So your club is an ideal candidate for a Best of British award. We turn up with a wide selection of Coventry build cars,  all of them polished nicely and remind the children what we  used to be good at.

The picture shows the Editor of "Best of British" presenting the award to our Chairman, flanked by one of our cars. To read the report on the show, please come back shortly

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